Dive Resorts and Hotels in Curacao

At the heart Dive Travel Curaçao is a passionate commitment to provide you exceptional value, high quality and personalized service. That is why Dive Travel Curaçao has partnered with LionsDive Beach Resort, Sunscape Curacao Resort, Dreams Curacao Resort – the Best Dive Resorts and Hotels – in Curacao to provide you these high quality Caribbean scuba diving vacation packages.

Ocean Encounters Diving Curacao
Ocean Encounters

Best Dive Resorts and Hotels in Curacao

Planning your next trip to Curacao, but wondering where to stay? Accommodation is a prominent part of the travel experience, which is why Dive Travel Curaçao has partnered with – LionsDive Beach Resort, Sunscape Curacao Resort, and Dreams Curacao Resort – the BEST Curacao Dive Resorts and Hotels for individual divers, groups, families and your friends.

LionsDive Beach Resort

LionsDive Beach Resort Curacao is considered one of the best Caribbean dive hotels and resorts.

Book your complete ‘Sleep & Dive’ package, including accommodations and multi-day dive packages with Ocean Encounters.

Dive in and Indulge Yourself

LionsDive Beach Resort is a natural place to consider for your next ideal vacation to Curaçao. Indulge yourself in its warm, casual atmosphere that is set amidst a stunning tropical location because it is the perfect resort for everyone especially if you are a beach-lover, a snorkeler, or an avid scuba diver.

The Natural Place to Stay

LionsDive and Ocean Encounters | Episode 6 | Postcards from Curacao
LionsDive Beach Resort Curaçao – It is a natural place to stay

Sunscape Curacao Resort, Spa and Casino


Memories created at Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino, one of the best Curaçao dive resorts and hotels, last a lifetime. Grab your dive equipment or some snorkel gear and step right off the pier, next to Ocean Encounters, into the crystal-clear Caribbean waters that a host of marine life call home for an unforgettable shore dive at, Oswaldo’s Drop Off, the house reef.  Shopping and sightseeing more your speed? Take a shuttle into downtown Willemstad for the opportunity to sight see!

Sunscape Curacao Resort Spa & Casino is not only an all-inclusive vacation, but is is also one of the best dive resorts in Curaçao located on a private beach. When you add it all up, Sunscape Curacao Resort is the perfect vacation destination, because it leaves nothing to chance.

Sunscape Curacao Resort

Sunscape Curacao Resort | Dive Travel Curaçao
All-Inclusive Dive Vacations

Dreams Curacao Resort, Spa and Casino


At Dreams Curacao Resort, Spa and Casino you can relax poolside or wade in the warm Caribbean waters, satisfy your taste buds at one of our seven dining options and four bars, or pamper yourself at the Spa by Pevonia®.

All-inclusive Stay, Drive and Dive Packages

This concept really adds an element of relaxation to a dive trip. No waiting to be picked up early and dropped off after your dive at your hotel. No rushing to catch a boat or fighting for space. Just drive to a beach at your leisure and prepare for your shore diving adventures in your own time.

A Drive, Dive and an All-inclusive Stay Package at Dreams Curacao Resort enhances your whole vacation experience – allowing you the freedom to explore Curacao on your terms!

Especially in combination with The Dive Bus, the home to seriously fun shore diving in Curaçao!

Dreams Curacao Resort

Dreams Curacao Resort | Dive Travel Curacao

The beautifully designed accommodations and the Unlimited-Luxury® experience paired with the vibrancy of this unique island makes Dreams Curacao Resort, Spa and Casino perfect for your next all-inclusive diving vacation.

Let us personalize your next Caribbean Diving Vacation

Dive Travel Curacao | Curacao Dive Vacation Packages
1% of Dive Travel Curaçao’s net annual proceeds are donated to Coral Restoration Curaçao so they can re-invest it in restoring corals for the future of Curaçao

Diving in Curacao

Of the island’s 70 dive sites you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bad one.

From an abundance of sea turtles to some of the most vibrant coral you’ll find anywhere in the world, to wrecks both deep and shallow, there’s something for everyone to experience here.

One day will not be enough!

Regardless of where you choose to stay, the decision should not be to dive either East or West.

The decision should be to discover all of Curaçao (warning: many attempts may be necessary but easier now using the Curacao Dive Guide) to truly uncover the magic that lies below the waterline.

Because there is a depth to our Dutch Caribbean island that you really do need to feel for yourself.

Curacao Diving and Snorkeling Guide

Curacao Dive Guide and Interactive Map | Dive Curaçao
Curacao Dive and Snorkeling Guide – discover more than 70 World Class Dive Sites

Boat Trip to Klein Curacao

Explore Things to Do in Curacao | Caribbean Dive Vacations in Curaçao

Jump aboard a catamaran or charter a baby yacht and enjoy a boat trip to Klein Curaçao where you can spend the morning snorkeling or swimming in the bright blue waters off the beach, or suntanning in one of the public palapas. Your captain will be preparing a bbq feast for lunch, complete with a choice of beverages. You will then finish the day cruising back to the mainland of Curaçao, basking in the glow of late afternoon sun.

Essential Things to Do on Curaçao

The above example is just one of many boat trips that can be booked.  Other essential things to do while on Curaçao, aside from what is offered by the dive hotels and resorts, could include private charters or a boat trip to west-side where you can experience the famous Blue Room, where the light is breathtaking.

ATV Adventure Tour

Things to Do in Curacao | Dive Travel Curaçao

Ready to Explore?

The only thing better than trying to navigate Curaçao on your own is allowing local guides to show you the all the secrets spots and telling you the incredible stories that go along with them.

Experience Curacao as a Local

Experience our island like a true local, venture beyond the confines of the dive hotels and resorts, as you follow Curaçao guides on off-road adventures, sailing along the coastline, beach hopping, or on your own customized tour for your group.  We assure you, there is no shortage of hidden gems to see, or friendly locals eager to share them with you.

Charter Private Sailing Trips

Scuba Diving in Curacao | Caribbean Dive Travel | Dive Curaçao

The Galaxie

The Galaxie sailing yacht is 15 meters accommodating a maximum of 6 guests max and 2 crew. The hospitable crew provides all the comfort you need including private cabins and a full service galley to ensure you the best Caribbean getaway.

Sailing in Curacao

The weather on Curacao is perfect for sailing all seasons. Explore the beautiful Curacao beaches and the blue Caribbean Sea with Maxie Sailing. Exclusive sailing, cruising, swimming, snorkeling and diving.

If you wish to personalize your own private boat trips, let us know!

Events and Festivals Schedule

Punda Vibes Every Thursday | Dive Travel Curacao
Punda, life in vivid color and the beating heart of Curaçao since 1634 – Photo by Gail Johnson Photography

Dive right into a year long schedule of incredible Curacao Events and Festivals including the amazing Flavors of Curacao, and of course the Curaçao International Dive Festival.

At the leading Curaçao Dive Hotels and Resorts, the hospitable staff will be at your service to help you discover the authentic tastes combined with a colorful history and diverse cultural heritage are the perfect mix to make your mouth water.

Especially after a mind blowing day of scuba diving!!

Curaçao is Unique and Different!

Curaçao is unique and clearly distinguishing itself from other world class destinations by focusing on not only the blue factors but also highlighting the topside richness of our island so you can feel it for yourself, to experience the true essence of Curacao through the culture, language, music, history and a deeply rooted community passion for the environment.

Explore More Things to Do in Curaçao

Explore More Things to Do In Curaçao

Frequently Asked Questions about Curacao

As travelers, we all have questions about the destination we would like to visit. Understanding this, we know you have questions about traveling to Curaçao.

Click the link below and start exploring the database of Curaçao FAQ’s. This will allow you to dive in for more complete story about our beautiful Dutch Caribbean island. Contact us today for more personalized answers because we are here to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions | Dive Travel Curaçao

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