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There are a huge number of negatives attached to lionfish, however there is one big positive, it is a sustainable industry!

The Lionfish, (Pterois volitans and P. miles) is an invasive species that is found in the surrounding waters of Curacao since 2009, which is almost 25 years after they were introduced off the coast of South Florida in 1985. Lionfish were originally from the Indo-Pacific area but now they are well established in The Caribbean Sea, North Western Atlantic, South Western Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Due to the speed at which this species is growing and the way they negatively impact native fish communities, they are now considered as one of the biggest threats to the native reef systems surrounding the beautiful Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao.

Team Discovers

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Curacao Lionfish

An Invasive Species that is making a positive and sustainable economic impact!

Learn To Hunt Lionfish

Planning to visit Curaçao and want to learn hunting?

Lion Fish Scuba Dive Experience

In September 2012, Ocean Encounters started the Lionfish Scuba Dive Experience program to educate divers about and control the population of the invasive Lionfish on our dive sites.

Lionfish Facts

Invasive lionfish: Little fish, big problem

Myths Busted



“the reason why divers and snorkelers find Lionfish so alluring also makes for incredible jewelry designs… which helps conserve the reef by bringing awareness to the issue.”

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