The State of Curaçao’s Coral Reefs

Curaçao is at an exciting and important milestone as it embarks on a path to improve the well-being of its human and marine communities through improved ocean governance. The purpose of this “State of Curacao’s Coral Reefs” assessment is to inform the development of a Sustainable Ocean Policy and is part of a larger body of research including community consultations, an analysis of Curaçao’s legal framework, and an economic valuation of Curaçao’s marine resources.

As such, this Report and the Waitt Institute’s recommendations for a Sustainable Ocean Policy mark an important milestone for the Blue Halo Curaçao partnership.

The opportunity presents itself to preserve existing functional marine ecosystems and to improve damaged resources to maximize the benefits that Curaçaoan’s derive from their ocean now and in the future. In doing so, Curaçao has the opportunity to become a leader in ocean conservation by protecting and improving some of the best remaining coral reef communities left in the Caribbean for the benefit of its people of and the greater Caribbean community.

Sustainable resource management will require trade-offs that balance short-term and long-term gains that benefit not only the ecosystems, but also the local communities and economies. Cooperative and efficient compromises between ocean stakeholders and the government will be necessary from both sides and will lead to greater efficiencies in recovery.

Significant challenges exist and must be overcome to reverse the damages that have been done to coral and fish communities. Fortunately, Curaçao is actively taking the steps to cultivate a culture that safeguards its ocean resources for the benefit its people now and into the future. It is a testament to the priorities of Curaçaons that they actively seek to know and protect their ocean to preserve their way of life. The Waitt Institute looks forward to continuing to support the Blue Halo Curaçao partnership as it works towards the development and implementation of a sustainable ocean policy to protect the coral reefs of Curaçao for future the generations.

Please download the full report, HERE

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