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March 21, 2018

From its beginnings in a small office in 2016, Deepblu has become a force in the diving world which allows divers to find the best dives with the finest operators in whichever spot they’d like to jet off to on this huge planet, so it’s only fitting that the app has evolved a section which is a dive planning platform called Planet Deepblu.


It all started with one idea, an accessible dive computer that was safe, reliable, and had a good user interface. This was combined with the concept of the Deepblu app, which makes it easy to seamlessly upload your dive logs to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology. Once this happens, users can choose to keep it private, or they can set it at public and share dives, media, and their stories with the diving community and the world around them. Some get promoted to the Featured section, the part of Deepblu where editors pick exclusive content and feature it alongside news collected from other websites as well as original content written in-house.


Planet Deepblu is an interactive world map that, in the words of the company, is designed to help you “discover your next dive.” It features dive countries, dive regions, and dive spots fueled by user-generated content. When logs, videos, photos, and other information are shared with a tagged location, they’re automatically added to the map in their home among the thousands of other dive sites available for browsing. From there, users can rate dive sites, write reviews, and even get in touch with dive businesses.


Planet Deepblu’s latest feature allows for direct discussion with dive businesses all over the world, which allows users and businesses to make travel arrangements together. No matter what stretch of land and sea you might be visiting, the app and website can put you in touch with an affiliated dive operator in the region and allow you to figure out all of the details before you even leave home.


To better assist in your choice of destination, the team at Deepblu has added dive country bios to multiple sites around the world. Looking for a wreck dive during the dry season in your nation of choice? Find out on Planet Deepblu, where you can discover dive site features, climate, when to go, languages spoken, health and safety tips, costs, and other things to be aware of before you get your bags packed.


Planet Deepblu is for the planet of divers and is the ultimate tool for those who want to know before they go. User-generated reviews and unbiased content allow for a clearer picture than ever available before, so you know that, while the platform is free, you’ll be spending your money wisely when you arrive at your destination. Surprises are great in some instances, but typically, during travel isn’t one of them.


While striving to create an environment in which divers can find their next favorite spot, Deepblu is making an effort to travel around the globe, listening to and connecting with divers to find out what they need in their particular region.


One such diver is Bryan Horne, the Founder of Dive Curaçao, who the team met recently on a trip to Curaçao. Bryan discovered Curaçao in the winter of 2006-2007.  He says, “it’s never the same scene twice since arriving here.  A whale shark, spinner dolphins, a giant manta rays, sea turtles, even a humpback whale have all wandered into my path over the years.  That’s the beauty of diving around Curaçao: it’s natural biodiversity.” 


Dive Curacao is a business which promotes diving in the region and works with conservationists for the sole purpose of keeping the seas clean and healthy so that future generations may enjoy its natural beauty.


“Some people have a midlife crisis, I like to think of discovering my love & passion for diving as my midlife awareness” Bryan says. “That one day, on a beach in Mexico when I had a crazy idea literally surface to learn to scuba dive, that idea changed everything from that day forward!”


…and change it did, for him and those around him. In addition to having dived all over the world, Bryan is also part of a select team that operates the world’s only research submarine that also provides leisure tours, dubbed Substation Curacao. They frequently descend 300 meters under the sea to have a peak around and provide their clients with a “bucketlist” experience. 


As impressive as these once-in-a-lifetime deep-sea exploration tours are, the conservation efforts that Substation Curaçao facilitates for many international marine biologists and researchers are equally impressive.  Using the Curasub, they monitor the deeper reefs to find out what influence factors like climate change, acidification, pollution and invasive species have on ecosystems in greater depths, which is another aspect that keeps researchers occupied with.  Simultaneously they are also trying to find out in what way the deeper reefs might affect the recovery capacity of the shallow reefs.


But it’s not all deep-reef observation. A handful of passionate dive operators on Curacao have teamed up to form the Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA) Dive Task Force, which is committed to safe and sustainable tourism. The members of the Dive Task Force engage in education and outreach programs to help visitors have the best experience possible while at the same time taking care of their host country. The members of this group, who of course compete like any business, also work together for the greater good by hosting beach cleanups, dive and music festivals, and other programs that raise awareness to give back to land and sea.


All of this comes back to what matters to the traveler… comfort. When good people are coming together to make sure that the seas we dive in are healthy, everyone benefits from their next dive. Deepblu is excited to continue learning, traveling, and contributing to the world around them. The company will continue to take every suggestion seriously, interact with divers and dive pros, and strive to make sure that every dive holiday is the best dive holiday. With quality business partners like Bryan all over the world, Planet Deepblu is a platform which will continue to grow in a direction that helps meet the needs of more divers every day.





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