The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) Show is the pinnacle event for the scuba diving industry, drawing enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe. This year, the DEMA Show 2023, from November 14–17, 2023, the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, will play host to this grand celebration of underwater exploration.

Among the shining star dive travel destinations will be the stunning Caribbean island of Curaçao, a paradise for divers and non-divers alike. In this article, we will be diving into why DEMA Show is a paramount event in the diving world and why Curaçao, with its recent accolades, stands out as the best overall dive vacation destination.

2023 Show Review and Highlights

“….this year’s event was more than just a showcase, it was a milestone. I believe the DEMA Show 2023 further underscored the industry’s collective power to drive positive change and create a significant impact across diverse fronts.”

Why the DEMA Show Matters

DEMA, short for the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association, is the driving force behind the global diving industry. This non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting scuba diving as a recreational activity, supporting the diving industry, and preserving the underwater environment. The annual DEMA Show is their flagship event, attracting industry leaders, manufacturers, retailers, dive operators, and diving enthusiasts. It serves as a platform for networking, showcasing cutting-edge diving equipment, and unveiling exciting dive destinations.

Curaçao attends the DEMA Show 2023

Curaçao is one of the ABC Islands that is nestled in the heart of the southern Caribbean Sea. Located between Aruba and Bonaire, Curaçao has emerged as one of the premier scuba diving vacation destinations.

In recent years, divers of all levels have been captivated by Curaçao because of the combination of crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life, and diverse underwater landscapes.

But, what sets Curaçao apart is its unique blend of experiences, catering to both divers and non-divers. From thrilling boat dives to tranquil shore diving or beachside lounging, this island paradise truly has something for everyone.

Why Dive Curaçao? Discover what you need to know today!

DEMA Show 2023: Curaçao Shines as a Premier Dive Destination - 2024 Scuba Diving Reader's Choice Awards: Curaçao Wins Big!

2024 Scuba Diving Reader’s Choice Awards: Curaçao’s Testament to Excellence

The prominence of Curaçao as one of the best overall diving destinations was reaffirmed in the 2024 Scuba Diving Reader’s Choice Awards. This year, Curaçao garnered a staggering 23 awards, a testament to its unrivaled underwater beauty and exceptional dive experiences. The awards spanned categories from Best Shore Diving to Best Overall Value, solidifying Curaçao’s position as a world-class destination for underwater enthusiasts.

DEMA Show 2023: Exclusive Curaçao Specials

In celebration of DEMA Show 2023, Ocean Encounters is offering exclusive Curaçao dive vacation packages. These specials are designed to provide unparalleled value for dive groups seeking the ultimate Curaçao experience.

A Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, Ocean Encounters is offering dive vacation packages at LionsDive Beach Resort and Sunscape Curaçao Resort. These Dive Group specials provide an opportunity to experience the best of Curaçao’s underwater wonders, all while enjoying the comforts of top-tier resorts. Don’t miss out on this chance to turn your diving dreams into reality.

DEMA Show 2023: Curaçao Shines as a Premier Dive Destination
DEMA Show 2023: Curaçao Shines as a Premier Dive Destination

Explore Curaçao: 2023 DEMA Value Bonus Special

Renting a car in Curaçao is a must if you want the freedom to explore the island and discover, on your own terms, the amazing hidden gems. Maybe you want to visit all of the magnificent buildings that make up the famous Handelskade in downtown Punda or dive in to discover the island’s 38 accessible shore diving sites!! You can also escape to Curaçao’s National Nature Parks that are several kilometers west of Willemstad.

It is highly recommended to rent a car in Curaçao to see some of the significant landmarks or even if you want to see one or two of the beaches in Curaçao. So, to help you start planning your next trip using a car or truck rental in Curaçao here is a special DEMA 2023 bonus!

Bonus on all DEMA packages that allows you the freedom to explore Curacao (maybe shore dive too):

  • ADD a 7 Day rental vehicle to any DEMA package and only pay for 6 Days (Economy Car to Mid-size Truck) via Dive Travel Curaçao
  • Dive Travel Curaçao is partnered with National Car Rental Curacao to ensure high quality, value and service.
  • Convenient Airport or Hotel pick-up/drop-off
  • Choose a 7 Day rental with airport pick-up and drop-off and you will automatically save on the round-tip airport transfers which is a $60/pp savings!
  • For groups, split the cost of the rental vehicle(s) too which adds to the savings!
  • Contact us for more details.
DEMA Show 2023: Curaçao Shines as a Premier Dive Destination - Curaçao Car and Truck Rental Special.

Conditions: Vehicle Rental Special does not apply to these Black Out Periods (December 15/2023 – January 15/2024, February 15 – 28/2024).

Ocean Encounters and GO WEST Diving at the Dema Show

During the DEMA Show 2023, you will have a golden opportunity to connect with two of Curaçao’s leading dive operators: Ocean Encounters and GO WEST Diving.

Visit Ocean Encounters

In Booth 2147, you are invited to meet the team from Ocean Encounters. They are proudly partnered with LionsDive Beach Resort and the all-inclusive Sunscape Curaçao Resort. Here you will discover exclusive dive vacation packages and limited-time Dive Group specials that promise an unforgettable underwater journey.

Visit GO WEST Diving

Stop by Booth 1837 and dive into the offerings of GO WEST Diving. They are in proud partnership with All West Apartments and Diving that offer budget-friendly diving vacations. Here, you can uncover exceptional dive experiences and personalized packages tailored to suit every diver’s preferences.

Start Planning to Dive Curaçao

Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Dive Travel Curaçao’s expert reservations team stands ready to help you plan a personalized scuba diving vacation to Curaçao. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or new to the underwater world, Curaçao offers an experience like no other.

As the diving community converges at the DEMA Show 2023, Curaçao emerges as a shining star in the realm of dive vacation destinations. With its recent accolades and diverse offerings, this Caribbean gem promises an experience that transcends the boundaries of underwater exploration. Visit Ocean Encounters in Booth 2147 and GO WEST Diving in Booth 1837 to discover the magic of Curaçao for yourself.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the exclusive DEMA 2023 Specials and reach out to Dive Travel Curaçao. We invite you to start planning your unforgettable dive vacation today! Contact our reservations team today. Don’t Wait… Come, Discover Curaçao and dive into paradise.

Not Attending the Dema Show?

Connect with our reservations team to learn more about the best Curaçao Scuba Diving Operators, Resorts and Apartments. You are invited to schedule a meeting with us to discover Curaçao from the comfort of your home or office!

Don’t wait, let our Curacao Dive Travel Team help you explore the endless possibilities. In the end, we are sure we can answer “why you should consider adding the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao to your destination list for your next scuba diving vacation”.

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