Every Thursday Punda Vibes

Punda Vibes Every Thursday | Dive Travel Curacao

Punda - the beating heart of Willemstad, Curaçao

Punda Vibes has a simple goal: to make people from all walks of life fall in love with Curacao’s booming art scene, history and culture. This weekly event breathes back life in to the old streets of Willemstad.

Don’t forget to check out this scene when you take your Curacao vacation and immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful inner cities in the world.

Dive in and Discover Punda’s Tarpon City – Tarpon City is located outside of the imposing walls of Waterfort, an old Dutch fort located on the outskirts of the historic Punda district of Willemstad, the capital of the island of Curacao. This dive site hugs the coastline along the outer walls of the fort, right at the water’s edge for about 415 m (1,360 feet).

Punda Vibes Every Thursday | Dive Travel Curacao
Punda, life in vivid color and the beating heart of Curaçao since 1634 - Photo by Gail Johnson Photography

The History and Timeline of Curaçao – Curaçao was settled by Arawak people from the South American mainland. It was first visited by Europeans in 1499 and was settled by the Spanish and, later, by the Dutch, who established it as a major centre of trade for the Dutch West India Company.

Did you know that the oldest specimens from Curaçao come from the Dabajuroid series. This is a cultural tradition that originated from Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela around 1800 BC.  Want to know more about the history and cultural heritage of Curaçao? CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE!

Punda Vibes Impressions

Photo’s courtesy of Gail Johnson Photography

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