Stream2Sea Curaçao

Dive Curaçao is a proud partner of Stream2Sea. This trusted eco-conscious brand offers reef safe biodegradable sunscreen and body-care products. Additionally, they are backed by the most thorough testing for coral and aquatic safety in the industry.

Why Choose Stream2Sea?

Before booking your Curaçao dive vacation, consider waving goodbye to sunscreens with harsh chemicals that pollute the ocean and beach.

“This brand earned the seal of approval from Downs and Haereticus. In short, you can feel good about dousing yourself with the water-resistant (up to 80 minutes), biodegradable, paraben-free broad spectrum sunblock before diving into the deep end of the ocean. The active ingredient is non-nano titanium dioxide while green tea, tulsi leaf, seaweed, aloe, and coconut oil make the Sport line less harsh on skin. Bonus points for using 100-percent recycled or recyclable packaging.”

“There are so many factors that we, as individuals, don’t have easy control over. Sunscreen is not one of them. Yet, with a little effort and a little knowledge, we can easily eliminate this significant threat to our reefs.”

Autumn Blum, CEO of Stream2Sea.
Stream2Sea Mask Defogger - Stream2Sea Reef Safe Sunscreen and More | Curaçao Vacations

S2S mask defogger provides a long-lasting coating that prevents fogging.

Stream2Sea Curaçao - Reef Safe and Biodegradable Personal Care Products

Shop Coral-friendly Sunscreens and Skin Care

Stream2Sea is the FIRST and ONLY mineral sunscreen in the world that is tested and proven safe for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and coral larvae. Additionally, all their formulas are created to be safe for you and safe for the aquatic environment.


Reef-friendly Shampoo, Bodywash and Leave-in Conditioner are perfect products to pack for a Curaçao scuba diving vacation.

Start preparing for your Caribbean diving vacation and stock up on Stream2Sea shampoo and conditioner products. They are proven safe for you and safe for our waters!

Serious Hydration for Your Beautiful Smile!

Hydrating Lip Balms keep your lips moisturized during your scuba diving vacation to Curaçao.

Stream2Sea has introduced a new Formula that is 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free & Rich in Antioxidants!

Their Hydrate Lip balms are rich in Omega-6 fatty acids and hemp oil that nourishes/moisturizes in the harshest of conditions. All Stream2Sea lip balm tubes are made from recycled milk jugs (100% PCR). This saves them from going to our landfills and, ultimately, our oceans. Please recycle again.

Stream2Sea Eco-Conscious Bundles

Reef-friendly Mask Defog, Refillable Hand Sanitizer and Hand Sanitizer Refill Bundle

Great news! Stream2Sea’s eco-conscious bundles redefine sustainable self-care. With a commitment to marine-friendly ingredients, these bundles offer guilt-free pampering.

From reef-safe sunscreen to biodegradable shampoo, each product aligns with Stream2Sea’s dedication to environmental responsibility. Elevate your routine with products that not only nurture you but also protect the planet’s delicate ecosystems.

Stream2Sea Curaçao - Reef Safe and Biodegradable Personal Care Products

Stream2Sea FAQ

Biodegradable Sunscreens & Bodycare Must Be Tested to Determine Safety

Stream2Sea products contain natural ingredients. They are biodegradable, reef safe and chemical free. Certain ingredients in sunscreens like oxybenzone, avobenzone and octinoxate are toxic to corals and reef fish. We encourage everyone to read the labels. Why? Because these toxic chemicals are still in products that are labeled as reef safe and biodegradable.

Do you know most sunscreens and body care products, even “natural” and “organic” ones, contain toxic and harmful ingredients to our reefs, waters and bodies?


Protect Land and Sea Certification program

In Protect Land and Sea Certification program, they don’t ask the manufacturer to verify or certify that their product is pure of HEL List chemicals and ingredients, as many other programs do. Instead, the entire product line undergoes a chemical analysis testing using “forensic” methodology. They then vet the products to be free of HEL List ingredients that may act as environmental pollutants.


Stream2Sea Ingredients

Each Stream2Sea ingredient is consciously chosen! Stream2Sea has put together this ingredient dictionary to help you understand the logic behind the ingredients in their mineral sunscreens and natural skincare products.


Read the Ingredients

There are no federal regulations defining the use of words like ‘natural’ or ‘green’ when it pertains to biodegradable sunscreens, body care products or cosmetics? Some brands will add a very small percentage of an ingredient in their products. Using words like “safe, natural, green or organic” are a misleading practice that means products are not actually safe for your body or our planet.

Read the ingredients panel of every product you choose to use. Below is a growing list of some harmful (yet popular) body care and sunscreen ingredients to avoid.



Stream2Sea works hard to ensure that their products are safe for you and your family. They take great pride to ensure they are safe for our planet. To reduce our impact on the environment, Stream2Sea makes sure that their packaging is as green and sustainable as the products themselves.

Read on to find out more about Stream2Sea’s eco packaging!


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