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Dive Curaçao is the #1 Independent Resource for scuba diving and snorkeling information on the beautiful Dutch Caribbean Island of Curaçao. We invite you to dive in – not only to learn more about scuba diving, snorkeling, and freediving in Curaçao but also to explore all the exciting things to do our on beautiful Dutch Caribbean island – to make Curaçao your own experience.

We like to think there is no place in the world offering such great shore dives, boat dives or opportunities to enjoy the beauty of sea’s nature while snorkeling. But honestly, as you could imagine, we are a little biased. So, we have compiled the Top 10 Reasons to Dive Curaçao from an international list of travel writers, bloggers and media outlets to help us out and provide you with a fantastic overview of our beautiful island, located in the heart of the Dutch Caribbean.

“Scuba Diving on Curaçao is the number one thing to DO” – but of course there are plenty of things to do on Curaçao and no right way to experience any of them. All travelers can make the island their own experience while embracing it authentic, unforgettable spirit.

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Learn about Our Vision

Dive Curaçao, from the very beginning, was originally created to be a complete online resource for Curaçao dive tourism. Since the founding and official launch in 2016, the platform has grown tremendously. Today, Dive Curacao has extensive content, that covers a wide range of topics, related to scuba diving in the Caribbean.

The major pillars of the platform now include: Dive Travel CuraçaoDive News CuraçaoCuraçao Diving and Snorkeling GuideCuraçao Dive Travel GuidesCuraçao Events and Festivals, and Sustainable Dive Tourism.

The fact is, Dive Curaçao is a dynamic platform that is continually evolving. We are dedicated to build an atmosphere that both educates and fosters the enjoyment of sharing the amazing underwater experiences that are available here in Curaçao.

But, we also have a deep desire to highlight the key differences that clearly distinguishes Curaçao from other Caribbean and worldwide destinations. As mentioned above, Scuba Diving may be the number one thing to do but it is also essential that we provide you a clear understanding regarding the islands beautiful history, culture, language, food and music too while promoting the fact that we as a community are active with marine conservation and sustainable tourism initiatives.

Learn about Dive Travel Curaçao

Dive Travel Curaçao NV is the official travel company of Dive Curaçao. We are dedicated to provide our clients with personal service while offering the best value and the highest quality scuba diving vacations in the Caribbean. We are able to provide an exceptionally high level of service because we are a boutique agency that has partnered with the BEST Curaçao dive shops, tourism partners and accommodations in Curaçao.

However, it is impossible to create a sustainable business model today in dive travel and tourism if we do not understand that healthy coral reefs are required. Therefore, in collaboration with our partners, Dive Travel Curaçao is investing in the future of sustainable tourism by donating 1% it is annual profits to Reef Renewal Curaçao so they can continually restore Curaçao’s shallow water reef system while educating the community (the youth in particular) regarding the protection and preservation of Curaçao’s natural ecosystem.

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Dive Curaçao and Dive Travel Curaçao is not affiliated with any one company however we do support many of the initiatives from the Curaçao Tourist Board, Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association (CHATA) and the responsible members of the Curaçao Dive Tourism Industry. Dive Curaçao and Dive Travel Curaçao are private companies without guidelines from any one company or organization. All information and any advertisements will only be posted if approved.

As private companies, we dedicate a lot of time and money but all the information found across these platforms are for free. It is for every individual on Curaçao and every Tourist to use when planning to visit Curaçao. If you would like additional information, please contact us. Our dedicated team is very open for collaboration.

Dive Curaçao Supports Sustainable Dive Tourism in Curaçao

As members of the greater world community and as divers enamored, even obsessed, with the ocean we have the power and responsibility to act.

For this reason, Dive Curaçao and Dive Travel Curaçao supports the following organizations;

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Bryan Horne

Dive Curaçao’s Founder and Creator

“Diving in the only way he knows, headfirst!”

It was this lucky Canadian’s love of scuba diving that brought him to Curaçao. It was the rest of the island that kept him here.

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