Watamula in Westpunt Curaçao

Welcome to Watamula, the premier boat dive destination in Curaçao, boasting unrivaled underwater wonders. Nestled north of Playa Kalki in Westpunt, this marine paradise beckons adventurers seeking vibrant coral gardens and diverse marine life. Accessible exclusively through the expert services of GO WEST Diving, Watamula promises an extraordinary subaquatic experience. Dive into crystal-clear waters, explore thriving reefs, and discover the allure of this top-tier site, solidifying its reputation as the pinnacle of boat diving adventures in Curaçao.

How to Dive Watamula in Westpunt

Watamula, situated in Westpunt alongside the renowned Elvin’s Plane Wreck, is arguably the number one boat diving site in Curaçao. The North and South moorings at Watamula offer divers a captivating and at times overwhelming underwater spectacle.

Whether you opt for the north or south, you’ll encounter hard coral fields nestled amidst a stunning soft coral patch. Watamula provides a breathtaking display of abundant hard and soft coral formations, complemented by a rich array of macro life.

Amidst this vibrant marine environment, you’ll encounter Ocean Triggerfish, Schools of Chubbs, and Porcupine Fish, leaving you eager for more underwater exploration. The name Watamula originates from the Dutch word “watermolen,” translating to water mill. Locals refer to the Northern area of the island as Watamula, describing it as the part that ‘breathes.’ This region is characterized by beautiful cliffs and features, including a water or sinkhole, adding to its allure.

Is Shore Diving Possible?

Most initial inquiries about Watamula often revolves around the possibility of shore diving. The unequivocal answer is yes, it’s possible, but finding accessible points from the shore to fully appreciate the site’s beauty is challenging. Despite the attempts of many divers, the reality is that the best sections of Watamula are safely experienced by boat.

The crucial question shifts to whether one should contemplate shore diving at Watamula. The resounding answer is no. The optimal way to embrace the wonders of Watamula is by boat. The skilled team at GO WEST Diving possesses extensive experience, ensuring they guide you to the most mesmerizing sections of Watamula that remain out of reach from the shore. Notably, the unpredictable currents at this site underline why it stands out as the best boat diving in Curaçao, second only to Eastpoint.

Whether you embark from the north or south mooring, this incredible boat dive promises a mind-blowing experience—an essential dive for any scuba enthusiast on a Curaçao diving vacation.

Dive Site Recommendations

  • Dive Type: Boat Diving
  • Snorkel Site: No
  • Experience Level: Open Water (Min)
  • Depth: 20 -120ft (6-36m)

Special Notes

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About Westpunt Curaçao

Westpunt is the name of the westernmost point of the island of Curaçao and is also the name of a nearby small town, the island’s northernmost settlement.

The area of Westpunt is known for excellent scuba diving, and is home to several world class shore diving and boat diving sites including a submerged airplane wreck and beautiful reefs.

Most of tourist accommodation in Westpunt caters to scuba divers and offers excellent infrastructure such as All West Apartments.

For diving services, we highly recommend GO WEST Diving, a Curacao Tourist Board approved Dive Shop located at Playa Kalki in Westpunt.

Watamula Dive Site in Curaçao | Curaçao Diving Guide

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