Curaçao Snorkeling Guide

Snorkeling in Curaçao is a dream for anyone who loves the combination of amazing beaches and the mind blowing diversity that exists along fringing coral reefs. The beaches in Curaçao are absolutely ideal launching points for snorkeling because, within a few fin kicks, they provide easy access to the near by reefs that are teaming with colorful life.

Vacation Tip: Renting a vehicle in Curaçao is highly recommended! By renting a vehicle, you will have the freedom to discover amazing beaches, snorkeling sites and shore diving sites while visiting Curaçao!

Best Snorkeling Sites in Curaçao

South-east Curaçao Snorkeling Sites

South-east snorkeling sites in Curaçao extend from Klein Curaçao to Kokomo Beach in Vaersenbaai.

  1. Klein Curaçao – small deserted island off the coast of mainland Curaçao (only accessible by boat).
  2. Directors Bay in Caracasbaai
  3. Tugboat Beach in Caracasbaai
    • Baya Beach in Caracasbaai
    • Playa Caracasbaai – main public beach
  4. Jan Thiel Beach in Jan Thiel
  5. LionsDive Beach
  6. Mambo Beach Curaçao
  7. Oswaldo’s Drop-off at Sunscape Curaçao Resort
  8. Pierbaai at Marie Pampoen
  9. Piscadera Bay at Dreams Curaçao Resort
  10. Blue Bay Beach and Golf Resort
  11. Snake Bay in Sint Michiel
  12. Boca Sami in Sint Michiel
  13. Kokomo Beach in Vaersenbaai

North-west Curaçao Snorkeling Sites

North-west snorkeling sites in Curaçao extend from Coral Estates to Playa Kalki in Westpunt.

  1. Rif Sint Marie at Coral Estates Luxury Resort
  2. Daaibooi Bay in Sint Willibroudus
  3. Playa Porto Mari in Sint Willibroudus
  4. Playa Cas Abou (Cas Abao)
  5. San Juan Plantation
  6. Playa Hundu in Soto
  7. Playa Santa Martha in Soto
  8. The Blue Room, Santa Cruz Plantation
  9. Black Sand Beach (Playa Santu Pretu), Santa Cruz Plantation
  10. Playa Lagun in the village of Lagun
  11. Playa Jeremi near the village of Lagun
  12. Kenepa Plantation
  13. Playa Forti, Westpunt
  14. Playa Piskadó (Playa Grandi) at All West Apartments in Westpunt
  15. Alice in Wonderland at GO WEST Diving, Playa Kalki in Westpunt

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Snorkel and Dive Curaçao

Congratulations The Suit Curaçao Ocean Team for not only creating more awareness about the importance of protecting our beautiful fringing reef systems in Curacao – but also showing how easy it is for everyone to access and enjoy a snorkel or diving experience here in the heart of the Dutch Caribbean.

We would highly recommend a visit to the Curacao Sea Aquarium where you can listen to the full presentation and then watch this Non Profit 30min film: CURAÇAO UNDERWATER KUNUKU.

This beautiful short film is about a 100 (one hundred) kilometer coastal snorkel trip in Curacao, venturing out from the “Eastpoint” of the island along the Southern coastline to end at the Northwestern most tip of the island known as Watamula.

The film showcases the interaction between man and nature, highlighting the beauty of underwater life while promoting conservation, preservation and the need to protect these vital habitats.  These are the key ingredients to this beautiful film: CURACAO UNDERWATER KUNUKU.

This film is also available in multiple languages including: Spanish, Papiamentu, Dutch, Portuguese and German

Amazing Curaçao Snorkeling Experiences

While snorkeling in Curacao it will not unusual to see large bait balls, schools of colorful parrotfish, tangs, Sargent Majors and of course sea turtles, to name a few – and you will of course be guaranteed to see unique coral formations like brain coral and giant sea fans.

Palagics are not a guarantee on any snorkel or dive trip but you might be just lucky enough to encounter rarer marine species such as stingrays, eagle rays, or even a giant manta ray!

If snorkeling around shipwrecks, such as the famous Tugboat, is more your speed – no worries!  Curaçao has a few wonderful wrecks to discover that lie on white sandy plateaus. Here you might see scurrying crabs, branching corals and colorful sponges plus possible schools of garden eels sticking their heads out the sand.

Whatever you may be looking for, generally you will find it all under the water in Curaçao.

Your Next Caribbean Adventure Awaits!

Start packing your mask, fins, and your thirst for a snorkeling adventure as you consider traveling to Curacao. WHY? Because we believe that Curaçao is an incredible Dutch Caribbean island that is a world class scuba diving, snorkeling and vacation destination!

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