Playa Lagun at Bahia Apartments and Diving

Playa Lagun is a beach located near the village of Lagun on the north-west side of Curaçao.  This beach is located in a small bay surrounded by vacation properties and most notably, the home to Bahia Apartments and Diving which includes a restaurant, bar and PADI Dive Shop.

“Not a single beach on Curacao comes closer to paradise than this unimaginably blue lagoon, safely protected by a narrow, rocky cove. Inexperienced swimmers will be delighted to know that this magical place is excellent for snorkeling as it sports an abundance of reef fish and heaps of healthy coral in calm, shallow water.” In Your Pocket, Essential City Guides

This lovely beach is popular very with divers, snorkelers, fishermen and locals.  The steep rocky cliffs create a long, narrow, shallow channel that provides a home for a huge variety of reef fish and a great place for turtles to hang out.

The Area around Playa Lagun

Located north west of the Village of Lagun is Jeremi, a beautiful piece of estate of 52 hectares (130 acres), situated on the south west coast of Curaçao. At the northern end the terrain is bordered by the Christoffel National Park. At the east side you will find Santa Cruz and further west past Jeremi is the Kenepa Plantation.

Beach Tip: The five most beautiful beaches of Curaçao near Lagun would be Jeremi, Klein Knip, Grote Knip, Cas Abao and Playa Kalki.

Bahia Apartments and Diving

Discover Bahia Apartments and Diving which has been a popular destination in Lagun for several years. This unique Curacao accommodation offers 16 beautiful apartments, a PADI Dive Center and a restaurant.

The relaxing tropical atmosphere, a pleasant climate with a light sea breeze and the beautiful, unspoiled natural surrounding make up the great appeal of Bahia Apartments & Diving.

Playa Lagun is an excellent location in Curacao for snorkeling and diving. You can dive in to watch turtles at the beach too.

The beach is directly accessible via a staircase, and as a guest at Bahia you benefit from free use of sun loungers on the beach.

Location of Playa Lagun

Dive Site Recommendations

  • Dive Type: Shore
  • Snorkel Site: Yes
  • Experience Level: Open Water (Min)
  • Depth: 40 -120ft (12-36m)

Special Notes

Due to recreational & commercial boat traffic, an inflated surface marker buoy is mandatory when shore diving. Consult a recommended Curaçao Dive Operator for additional details & recommendations.

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