Playa Kenepa Chikitu at the Kenepa Plantation

Dive into the azure wonders of Playa Kenepa Chikitu, an enchanting dive site nestled within the breathtaking Kenepa Plantation in Curaçao. Embraced by the allure of Playa Kenepa Grandi (Grote Knip) and Playa Kenepa Chikitu (Kleine Knip), these pristine beaches are cherished havens for both tourists and locals alike. Renowned for their natural splendor and tranquil ambiance, the shoreline of the Kenepa Plantation beckon adventurers seeking an immersive experience in the crystalline waters of this Caribbean paradise.

Shore Diving at Playa Kenepa Chikitu

Welcome to the underwater paradise of Playa Kenepa Chikitu Dive Site or Kleine Knip, also known as Little Knip. This site is renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in Curaçao. The picturesque location beckons beach lovers, snorkelers, and scuba enthusiasts to explore its hidden aquatic wonders.

As you embark on your underwater journey, a seamless shore entry from the pristine beach sets the stage for an unforgettable dive. Venture towards the drop-off along the captivating cliffs, where a mesmerizing world of marine life unfolds before your eyes. Playa Kenepa Chikitu boasts a rich biodiversity, showcasing vibrant gorgonians, delicate orange cups corals, and an abundance of schooling fingerlings.

The crystal-clear waters offer visibility that allows you to fully appreciate the marine tapestry that unfolds beneath the surface. Playa Kenepa Chikitu Dive Site promises not only a visual feast for underwater enthusiasts but also an immersive experience in the heart of nature’s hidden treasures.

Whether you’re a seasoned scuba diver or a casual snorkeler, you are invited to experience this world class beach! You will quickly realize why this site is celebrated as a true gem among the underwater wonders of the Caribbean.

Dive Site Recommendations

  • Dive Type: Shore diving
  • Snorkel Site: Yes
  • Experience Level: Open Water (Min)
  • Depth: 40 -120ft (12-36m)

Special Notes

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How to get to there?

To reach Playa Kenepa Chikitu from the historic Kenepa Plantation Landhuis, follow the road as it winds through the scenic landscape. Keep an eye out for signs directing you towards this beach. When the road takes a right turn, stay left to find the entrance. The journey unveils the beauty of Curaçao’s countryside, with glimpses of local life and the remnants of the plantation’s history.

Beach Tip: Are you interested in discovering Curaçao as a local? Then visiting Playa Kenepa Chikitu on Sunday is a must. If you just want to relax and enjoy a good snorkeling spot, then you must visit this beach during the week. For more information, visit!

Playa Kenepa Chikitu Dive Site in Curaçao | Curaçao Diving Guide
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As you approach Playa Kenepa Chikitu, the first beach in this series, notice the signs guiding you to its parking lot. Beyond, the mesmerizing turquoise sea reveals itself against the backdrop of towering cliffs. The vibrant hues of blue, brought to life by the sun’s reflection on the white sandy sea floor, create a captivating spectacle. The location offers an opportunity for snorkeling and scuba diving in a breathtaking underwater world.

Continuing along the road, you’ll eventually reach Playa Kenepa Grandi, a larger beach situated in an isolated and practically deserted part of the plantation. Despite its remote location, especially on weekends, residents flock to this “one of a kind” public beach, turning it into a lively gathering spot.

Both Playa Kenepa Chikitu and Playa Kenepa Grandi are public beaches, meaning no entrance fees are required. Visitors can rent beach beds and umbrellas for added comfort. Additionally, the beaches offer rental services for snorkeling gear, transparent kayaks, and paddleboards, providing ample opportunities to explore the marine wonders just a few steps away from the sandy shores. The Kenepa Plantation emerges as an ideal getaway on Curaçao. These amazing locations allow visitors to disconnect, appreciate nature, and spend a leisurely day on the beach surrounded by the beauty of the Caribbean.

For more information, please contact a recommended Curaçao Dive Operator.

Location of Playa Kenepa Chikitu

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