Pierbaai at Playa Marie Pampoen

Playa Marie Pampoen, in the neighborhood of Marie Pampoen, is a small beach located right next Sunscape Curacao Resort, Beach and Casino. It is highly popular with locals because it is free beach. This small sandy local beach, with lots of fishing boats, provides shore access to the Pierbaai dive and snorkel site which is considered one of the best shore diving sites in Curaçao.

With an easy beach entry and a short swim out to the drop off, you will quickly see a beautiful, lively, and healthy fringing reef filled with lots of macro life and huge variety of hard and soft corals.

Do you enjoy night diving? Then Pierbaai should be including in your dive plan because the night diving here is exception especially due to the resident octopus and schooling tarpons.

This dive site is also the house reef of The Dive Bus plus a PADI AWARE Adopted Dive Site! The Dive Bus, and their divers, clear up marine debris regularly. They also conduct dedicated monthly Adopt a Dive Site clean Up dives. We encourage you to sign up for a PADI Dive Against Debris course and dive for a purpose!

Most tourists come here for one reason though, diving!. This beach provides you with access to one of the top diving spots on Curacao which not only Pierbaai, The Dive Bus house reef, but also the very unique Car Pile.

The Dive Bus at Marie Pampoen

The Dive Bus Curacao, with a unique and simple concept of “Seriously fun shore-diving adventures”, have focused on quality instead of quantity where they provide a fun shore diving experience for small relaxed groups.

This concept not only allows for a complete personalized approach to every diver, but it also allows them to maintain a strong environmental commitment to the underwater world in partnership with the PADI AWARE Foundation.

Dive Site Recommendations

  • Dive Type: Shore
  • Snorkel Site: Yes
  • Experience Level: Open Water (Min)
  • Depth: 40 -120ft (12-36m)

Special Notes

Due to recreational & commercial boat traffic, an inflated surface marker buoy is mandatory when shore diving. Consult The Dive Bus for additional details and local advice.

Location of Pierbaai

Pierbaai is the house reef of The Dive Bus

and a PADI AWARE – Adopt A Dive Site

That first, beautiful, unloved Curacao reef of Pierbaai at Marie Pampoen became The Dive Bus house reef, which is now taken care of due to monthly, if not daily clean up dives.

By working with the local fishing community for sustainable management of the marine environment, these values have become the heart of The Dive Bus Eco Policy, a cornerstone of their operation, mandating respecting, protection and giving back to the local community.

The Dive Bus Curaçao - Seriously Fun Shore Diving Adventures
Photo courtesy of Gail Johnson Photography

The Dive Bus Curaçao! The home to seriously fun shore diving adventures in Curaçao!
The Dive Bus offers seriously fun All-inclusive Sleep, Drive and Dive Packages with Sunscape Curaçao Resort!