Makos Mountain Dive Site in Soto

Makos Mountain, like San Nicolas, is located next to Santa Martha in the area of Soto.  Makos Mountain starts shallow through a field of fleshy soft corals then finally emerging into a wonderful drop off full of hard corals that could hide the famous mako shark that was once spotted here.

Other shark varieties have also been found here such as Hammerheads. You will also see porcupinefish, rays, morays, lobsters and maybe tarpon. Can sometimes be a rough entry but the marine environment more than makes up for this.

Dive Tip: If you find the current too strong or if you do not want to do a drift dive, the nearby dive sites of Hells CornerBlack Coral Garden, and Rediho are all fabulous alternative locations.

About the Area near Makos Mountain

Santa Martha Bay is located next to Makos Mountain and it is one of the most beautiful spots in Curaçao. It has a great overlooking views, and shows the island in a natural way. If you are looking for a quiet escape then visit Santa Martha Bay because this place is not visited by tourists that much. The bay is located near the village of Soto.

Dive Site Recommendations

  • Dive Type: Boat
  • Snorkel Site: No
  • Experience Level: Drift / Advanced (Min)
  • Depth: 40 -120ft (12-36m)

Special Notes

Due to recreational & commercial boat traffic, an inflated surface marker buoy is mandatory when shore diving. Consult a recommended Curaçao Dive Operator for additional details & recommendations.

Location of Makos Mountain

History of Soto and San Nicolas in Curaçao

If time permits, we highly recommend that you visit the plantation house Landhuis Groot Santa Martha.  This is one of the few houses in Curaçao built in a U-shape. This plantation house now serves as a care facility for people with physical and/or mental disabilities and their products they make are sold in the shop.

Landhuis Klein Santa Martha is a large 480-hectare sugar cane and divi-divi plantation dating back to the 1700’s. Landhuis Klein Santa Martha was once one of the top three producers of salt on the island, along with Landhuis Groot Santa Martha and Landhuis San Nicolas, thanks to the large salt pans and nearby Santa Martha Bay being the most productive on the island.

The Best Dive Sites on the Westside of Curaçao

The “Top Dive Sites of Eastern Curaçao” are littered with wall dives, wreck dives, shore dives, and lush coral gardens. More importantly though, these sites have quickly become not only Curaçao icons, but also some of most sought after dives in the Caribbean. BUT there is another side to Curaçao that deserves exploring too. It is the West side, known to locals as “Banda Abou”.

So let’s dive into the Top 10 dive sites in Curaçao that will provide a complete perspective about the world class diving that awaits you!

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