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Atlantis Watersports

Atlantis Watersports – Scubapro Dive Retail Shop in Curacao

Atlantis Watersports is the SCUBAPRO retail store on Curaçao for all your scuba diving and snorkeling needs, and you can find them at Eden Shoppers Paradise or visit their website for more information.

After 28 years, Atlantis Watersports has changed location and with this they also decided to change the focus of their business. They have been the Curaçao SCUBAPRO distributor since 2007 and they want to expand this fantastic brand all over the island.

Visit Atlantis Watersports

Atlantis Watersports retail store is located at Eden Shoppers Paradise, Caracasbaaiweg 280, Unit 13 in Willemstad.

The professionally SCUBAPRO trained staff will welcome you and provide excellent scuba diving and snorkeling equipment advice plus there’s always time for a cup of coffee!

As an officially certified SCUBAPRO dive and snorkel gear retail service center on Curaçao, Atlantis Watersports offers exceptional advice on the full range of SCUBAPRO regulators, BCD’s, computers and Suunto computers.

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SCUBAPRO Cares - Building an Ocean Ethos

Building Bridges to an Eco-Friendly Future – At SCUBAPRO you’ll find avid divers engaged in the design and development of the world’s finest dive equipment, who also have an avid interest in preserving and protecting our oceans. Whether it’s studying mantas or coral restoration or working with kids to develop a positive ocean ethos, SCUBAPRO is always on-scene and totally immersed in the environmental task at hand.

For over 50 years SCUBAPRO has supported the efforts of many organizations dedicated to the preservation and health of our oceans. We are passionate about these programs, and we’re confident you’ll be passionate supporters too. Stay tuned!

SCUBAPRO Cares - Sustainable Products

Engineering With an Eye on the Environment – With total eco-friendly products and processes as our goal, SCUBAPRO research and development marches forward. For example, just recently SCUBAPRO launched the dive industry’s “greenest,” or should we say, “bluest” wetsuit — the Everflex 3/2mm No Zip, made with Naturalprene, a neoprene blend that comes primarily from rubber trees harvested from renewable rubber tree farms. And there’s more to come. Stay tuned!

SCUBAPRO Cares - Reducing Our Footprint

Contributing to a Healthy Planet – SCUBAPRO is tirelessly working toward providing reusable packaging for all of our products. By this we don’t just mean packaging made from recycled materials. Rather, we’re working toward packaging that is actually reusable — for storage, for transport — enabling you to use and reuse not just the dive equipment itself, but the packaging the equipment comes in, for years and years to come. Stay tuned!

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