Combining a Dive Vacation to Curaçao and Bonaire

For avid divers and underwater enthusiasts, planning the perfect dive vacation involves more than just picking a single destination. Combining multiple locations can offer a diverse range of underwater experiences, marine life encounters, and cultural discoveries. Two Caribbean gems that often find their way into such itineraries are the islands of Curaçao and Bonaire. In this article, we will dive into why combining a dive vacation to Curaçao and Bonaire is a fantastic idea. Additionally, we will explore their unique differences, discuss travel logistics, diving options, accommodations, and cultural activities.

Why Combine a Dive Vacation to Curaçao and Bonaire?

Diverse Underwater Environments

Curaçao and Bonaire, while relatively close geographically, offer distinct underwater landscapes and marine life. Combining these destinations allows divers to explore different coral reefs, walls, and dive sites, each with its unique charm and biodiversity.


Curaçao and Bonaire, though distinct islands, boast a convenient proximity that delights dive travelers. Linked by short inter-island flights, these gems of the Dutch Caribbean beckon adventurers to explore their diverse wonders. Whether reveling in Curaçao’s vibrant culture or diving into Bonaire’s pristine waters, the seamless accessibility between them allows for effortless island-hopping. Embracing this proximity, dive travelers can savor the best of both worlds, creating unforgettable memories across these captivating destinations.

Cultural and Land Adventures

Discover the hidden treasures of Curaçao and Bonaire beyond their mesmerizing underwater worlds. These islands are not just paradise for divers; they offer a wealth of cultural and land adventures.

Immerse yourself in their rich heritage as you explore historical sites steeped in stories of the past. Delight your taste buds with the flavors of local cuisine, infused with a blend of influences from around the globe. Embark on nature tours through stunning landscapes, from rugged coastlines to lush interiors, where you can encounter diverse flora and fauna.

Engage with vibrant local communities, where warmth and hospitality welcome you at every turn. Experience the heart and soul of these Dutch Caribbean gems through a myriad of cultural and land-based activities that promise unforgettable adventures.

Are Curaçao and Bonaire That Different?

While Curaçao and Bonaire share similarities such as warm Caribbean waters, stunning beaches, and excellent diving conditions, several key differences make each island a unique destination worth exploring.

Underwater Terrain

Bonaire is renowned for its pristine coral reefs and easy shore diving accessibility, making it a paradise for shore divers. Curaçao, on the other hand, offers a mix of shore dives and boat dives, with diverse underwater landscapes including walls, wrecks, and vibrant coral gardens.

Cultural Influences

Curaçao’s rich history blends European, African, and Caribbean cultures, reflected in its colorful architecture, museums, and cultural festivals. Bonaire has a more laid-back atmosphere with a strong emphasis on nature conservation, evident in its protected marine parks and eco-friendly tourism initiatives.

Travel Logistics

Flying between Curaçao and Bonaire is a breeze, with several daily flights operated by local airlines such as Divi Divi Air and Fly Z Air. The flight time is approximately 25 minutes, making it a quick and convenient journey for dive travelers looking to explore both islands.

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Diving Options: Boat Diving and Shore Diving

Both Curaçao and Bonaire offer exceptional diving opportunities, whether you prefer boat dives or shore dives.

Dive Curaçao

Diving in Curaçao promises an aquatic adventure like no other. Explore vibrant coral reefs and mesmerizing marine life with our recommended dive operators. Whether it’s the thrill of boat dives to Beacon Point and Watamula or the ease of shore dives at sites like Alice in Wonderland and Tugboat, Curaçao offers divers unforgettable experiences.

Dive Bonaire

Diving in Bonaire offers unparalleled accessibility, with numerous shore dive sites along its coast. From the famed 1000 Steps to the haunting Hilma Hooker wreck and vibrant Karpata, each dive promises encounters with diverse marine life just a few fin kicks away from the beach, creating unforgettable underwater adventures.

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Where to Stay: Accommodations in Curaçao and Bonaire

Recommended Accommodations in Curaçao

Experience the vibrant underwater world of Curaçao at top dive resorts like LionsDive Beach Resort, boasting direct access to a stunning house reef. Sunscape Curaçao Resort offers all-inclusive packages, while All West Apartments and Nos Krusero Apartments provide cozy accommodations near some of the island’s best dive sites.

LionsDive Beach Resort

LionsDive Beach Resort is a diver’s paradise, boasting beachfront access and dive packages that cater to enthusiasts of all levels. Situated near renowned dive sites, it provides seamless access to underwater wonders. With its prime location and comprehensive amenities, it’s the ultimate haven for those seeking aquatic adventures in a tropical setting.

Sunscape Curaçao Resort

Sunscape Curaçao Resort is the quintessential 3-star all-inclusive dive haven, ideal for families, friends, and dive enthusiasts. Offering unbeatable value, its sleep and dive packages include access to a private beach, an on-site dive shop, and proximity to renowned dive sites. An impeccable choice for an adventurous yet relaxing getaway.

All West Apartments

All West Apartments caters to independent dive travelers seeking value and convenience. Offering Sleep, Drive, and Dive Packages alongside self-catering facilities, it’s an ideal choice. Located near breathtaking shore diving sites, guests enjoy stunning ocean views. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and adventure at All West Apartments.

Nos Krusero Apartments

Nos Krusero Apartments offer Sleep, Drive, and Dive Packages, catering to independent divers with self-catering options and proximity to Westpunt’s captivating shore diving sites. Surrounded by Curaçao’s finest diving spots, the apartments provide a serene sanctuary, boasting stunning views and unbeatable value for those seeking underwater adventures and relaxation.

Recommended Accommodations in Bonaire

Bonaire’s dive resorts offer unparalleled experiences. Buddy Dive Resort is renowned for its convenient “Drive & Dive” packages, spacious accommodations, and a vibrant house reef. Plaza Beach and Dive Resort, nestled along a stunning beachfront, boasts top-notch dive facilities, luxurious amenities, and personalized service, making it a diver’s paradise.

Buddy Dive Resort

Buddy Dive Resort in Bonaire is a haven for diving enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive array of dive-centric amenities. From its fully-equipped dive shop to the convenient drive-thru tank service, divers find everything they need for unforgettable underwater experiences. Spacious accommodations cater perfectly to dive groups, ensuring a comfortable and immersive stay.

Plaza Beach and Dive Resort

Plaza Beach and Dive Resort, nestled on Bonaire’s western coast, boasts prime beachfront positioning and curated dive packages. Renowned for its proximity to Bonaire’s premier dive sites, the resort offers unparalleled opportunities for underwater exploration. With its idyllic location and comprehensive amenities, Plaza Beach promises an unforgettable Caribbean escape.

Cultural Activities: Exploring Beyond the Water

While diving is a major draw, both Curaçao and Bonaire offer unique cultural experiences worth exploring:


Curaçao offers rich cultural tourism experiences. In Willemstad, Handelskade’s vibrant hues and Thursday’s Punda Vibes create a lively atmosphere. Explore history at Fort Amsterdam and Kura Hulanda Museum. Delight in local flavors at Marshe Bieuw (Old Market). Immerse yourself in the island’s diverse heritage through its captivating sites and tastes.


Explore Bonaire’s cultural tapestry through diverse attractions. Uncover the island’s past at Washington Slagbaai National Park. Immerse in Rincon’s charm, a historic village. Witness the centuries-old tradition of salt production at Salt Pans. Delight in savory seafood at authentic local eateries, a tantalizing culinary journey awaits cultural adventurers.

Rental Vehicles for Freedom of Exploration

To fully explore the beauty of both islands, renting a vehicle is highly recommended. To take it a step further, rental vehicles can be easily added to your selected dive package. Furthermore, for added convenience, resort or airport delivery and drop-off is included.

For divers, a mid-size rental truck allows you the freedom to visit multiple dive sites, explore scenic coastal roads, and discover hidden gems off the beaten path.

Bonaire is the scuba diving capital of the world
Vehicle rentals in Curaçao and Bonaire provided by our dive tourism partner, National Car Rental

Create Your Ultimate Dive Vacation with Dive Travel Curaçao

In summary, combining a dive vacation to include Curaçao and Bonaire offers a perfect blend of underwater adventures, cultural discoveries, and convenient travel experiences. Dive Travel Curaçao specializes in crafting personalized dive vacation itineraries, incorporating rental vehicles, top-notch accommodations, and unforgettable dive experiences in both destinations. Contact our reservations team today to start planning your dream dive vacation. Then get ready to immerse yourself in the wonders of the Caribbean’s most captivating dive destinations!

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