Curaçao Beaches Guide and Map

Curaçao is an absolute Beach Hoppers paradise in the Caribbean! So if you looking for the best beaches, to curl your toes in to the sand, then dive into the Curaçao Beaches Guide and Interactive Map.

“If you’re looking for a long stretch of beach lined with resorts, you’re on the wrong island. Curacao’s coast is dotted with small coves, where you can sit back on a curve of sand surrounded by cacti-covered hills while gazing out onto the endless turquoise water ahead. Beach-hopping between coves, never knowing quite what the next one will look like, is a perfect way to spend a day.”

USA Today
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World Class Dutch Caribbean Beaches

Visit over 38 beaches in Curaçao but try not to tell everyone about our “best-kept secret in the Caribbean” okay!?

The problem is you may not be able to contain yourself!! So be prepared because you will be overwhelmed by the intense amount of life and color when you plunge yourself into the warm turquoise waters of our beaches!

Start exploring these hidden treasures and if you would like some local tips or advice, either contact us or use our Curaçao Dive Travel Guide to continue exploring the endless possibilities of things to do!

South-east Curaçao Beaches

South-east beaches in Curaçao extend from the deserted island of Klein Curaçao to Kokomo Beach in Vaersenbaai.

  1. Klein Curaçao – small deserted island off the coast of mainland Curaçao (only accessible by boat).
  2. Fuikbaai Beach (only accessible by boat)
  3. Santa Barbara Beach at Royal Sandals Curaçao
  4. Directors Bay in Caracasbaai
  5. Tugboat Beach in Caracasbaai
    • Baya Beach in Caracabaai
    • Playa Caracasbaai – main public beach
  6. Jan Thiel Beach in Jan Thiel
  7. LionsDive Beach
  8. Mambo Beach Boulevard
  9. Kontiki Beach at Kontiki Beach Resort
  10. Pierbaai at Marie Pampoen
  11. Piscadera Bay at Dreams Curaçao Resort
  12. Blue Bay Beach and Golf Resort
  13. Snake Bay in Sint Michiel
  14. Boca Sami in Sint Michiel
  15. Kokomo Beach in Vaersenbaai

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North-west Curaçao Beaches

North-west beaches in Curaçao extend from Coral Estates to the north-western tip at Watamula in Westpunt.

  1. Rif Sint Marie at Coral Estates Luxury Resort
  2. Daaibooi Bay in Sint Willibroudus
  3. Playa Porto Mari in Sint Willibroudus
  4. Playa Cas Abou (Cas Abao)
  5. San Juan Plantation
  6. Playa Hundu in Soto
  7. Playa Santa Martha in Soto
  8. Playa Hulu at the Santa Cruz Plantation
  9. Black Sand Beach (Playa Santu Pretu), Santa Cruz Plantation
  10. Playa Santa Cruz
  11. Playa Lagun in the village of Lagun
  12. Playa Jeremi near the village of Lagun
  13. Kenepa Plantation
  14. Playa Forti, Westpunt
  15. Playa Piskadó (Playa Grandi) at All West Apartments in Westpunt
  16. Playa Kalki (Alice in Wonderland) at GO WEST Diving in Westpunt
  17. Playa Gipy at Watamula, Westpunt

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