Stella Maris

The Stella Maris Reef is the house reef of Lions Dive and Beach Resort & Ocean Encounters Diving.


Ideally located inside the Curaçao National Marine Park, the Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao set-up their intial coral nurseries on this site due to the abundent health of this beautiful fringing reef.  The Curaçao Reef Restoration Program is an initiative of Ocean Encounters and supported by by the community, sponsors, volunteers and the Coral Restoration Foundation International.  The main objectives of this program are the restoration of our shallow water reef system, educating the community and protecting and preserving Curaçao’s natural ecosystems.


 "The significance of the Curacao Reef Restoration Program is that together as a community here on Curacao, we will be restoring our shallow water reef system while educating our youth about the importance of protecting and preserving our natural ecosystem" 

Site Recommendations

Dive Type:  Shore

Snorkel Site:  Yes

Experience Level:  Open Water (Min)

Depth:  20 -120ft (6-36m)

Special Notes

Due to recreational/commercial boat traffic, diving with a inflated surface marker buoy is recommended.  Consult a Curacao Dive Task Force Operator for additional details & recommendations.

Sea Turtle Conservation Curacao
The Stella Maris Reef the main nursery site for the Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao and part of the Project AWARE - Adopt A Dive Site initiative by the Curacao Dive Task Force 
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