Located on the west end of Curacao, between Black Coral Garden and Playa Hulu, this is an amazing boat diving site full of life and wonder.


Due to the position of this site in relation to winds and currents, REDIHO is a very unique site because of the constant currents washing over the steep drop offs & beautiful weaving sand channels.


With healthy soft corals and hard coral formations, the macro population is booming and like Duane's Release, a great environment for finding seahorses and frogfish.

Deep water currents provide this rarely visited dive site with excellent visibility and make it a good site to spot some larger marine life. Probably, the best change to spot seahorses, as well as eagle rays. Mooring depth is 15-ft, so the safety stop is spent hovering around numerous soft and hard corals.


Beautiful sandy channels and steep topography give this dive site a unique feel. Eagle rays, turtles, Barracuda and porcupinefish are regularly spotted here. A unique dive site with a best viewing depth between 35-ft to 85-ft.

Site Recommendations

Dive Type:  Boat

Snorkel Site:  No


Experience Level:  Open Water (Min)

Depth:  0 -120ft (0 - 36m)

Special Notes

Due to recreational & commercial boat traffic, an inflated surface marker buoy is recommended diving.  Consult a Curacao Dive Task Force Operator for additional details & recommendations.

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