The Blue Room

Discover what is now one of the coolest and most talked about experiences in the entire Caribbean – the Blue Room.

This is the perfect place for off-gassing between dives or a snorkel trip and it is located next to Mushroom Forest.

The light in the Blue Room has been described as “perfect.” where the surfaces of this air & water filled chamber are covered by orange cup corals and micro wonders.  Lurking in the shadows year-round you’ll find copper sweepers, a small gold-bronze fish that looks like it’s swimming upside down. 


And, in the late days of August through September, the Blue Room fills with silversides, which light up the cavern as they move and flow like mercury.


Now, more than just an afterthought, the Blue Room has become an essential Curaçao experience. And, that light… unforgettable.

Site Recommendations

Dive Type:  Boat / Shore

Snorkel Site:  Yes

Experience Level:  Snorkeler (Min)

Depth:  0 - 30ft (0-10m)

Special Notes

Due to recreational/commercial boat traffic, diving with a inflated surface marker buoy is recommended.  Consult a Curacao Dive Task Force Operator for additional details & recommendations.

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