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Postcards from Curacao – Premier Episode

Diving in with Postcards from Curacao

Welcome to Episode 1 of Postcards from Curaçao.  Being isolated does not mean that we cannot imagine ourselves somewhere else. We can still dream of a place where we would rather be, right?

It has been said that we should be patient in a storm and focus on the sunshine after. But we all know that these days have not been easy.

That is why Nature Pics Films and Dive Curacao teamed up! We created the weekly “Postcards from Curacao” to remind you that the sun is still shining in Curaçao and we are ready to welcome you back!

We hope this will bring a moment of joy and tranquility to your day so you can dream of our beautiful island.

Please stay healthy and safe.  We hope to see you soon for your next vacation to the heart of the Dutch Caribbean, so you can Feel it For Yourself!

Explore Curacao – Discover the Top 10 Things to Do!

As we have mentioned many times before and regardless of where you choose to stay, the decision should not be to dive either East or West. The decision should be to discover all of Curaçao.

Warning: many attempts may be necessary but easier now using the Curacao Diving Guide.

Use the Curacao Diving Guide to truly uncover the magic that lies below the waterline.

Because there is a depth to our Dutch Caribbean island that you really do need to feel for yourself.

Top 10 Things to Do and Attractions

Explore More Things to Do In Curaçao

More Postcards from Curacao

Dive into Episode 2 where we explore Caracasbaai, a designated nature preserve “that is as steeped in history as its excellent diving and snorkeling!”

Discover all 16 episodes from the complete Postcards from Curacao series and don’t forget to subscribe to our Dive Curaçao YouTube Channel to be automatically notified.

Please stay healthy and safe. We hope to see you soon for your next vacation to the heart of the Dutch Caribbean, so you can Feel it For Yourself!

Sincere Love from Curacao,

Bryan Horne, Dive Curacao

Tilo and Yvonne Kuhnast, Nature Pics Films

Videos produced and edited for Dive Curacao in cooperation with Nature Pics Films.

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