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Top 10 Reasons to Dive Curacao

Largest of the ABC (including Aruba and Bonaire) Islands, Curaçao is home to some of the most bio-diverse reefs in the Caribbean.  The sheltered southern coast is rich in coral, and suitable for divers of all levels, with little in the way of adverse conditions at any of the popular dive sites.  Divers and snorkelers never seem to be able to stop talking about the beauty of scuba diving Curacao.  Let us assure you this is with good reason.

Its one thing to know and appreciate the wonders we have available on our beautiful Caribbean island, both above and below the waterline, but to be recognized by Forbes on their “10 Must-Dive Destinations for 2019” is quite an honor especially amongst other World Class Diving Destinations such as Fiji, Easter Island and Yap to name a few!

Here is what Breanna Wilson, Contributor at Forbes.com Travel had to say about Curaçao:

“Even those of you out there that just aren’t that into scuba diving (mountain people, gasp!), even you can’t deny just how beautiful this tiny Caribbean island’s water is. Yes, even you, mountain person, will want to take a dip in this idyllic bathwater. Which is exactly why it’s no surprise why this tiny Dutch island has made this year’s list… Because when the water is so clear that it actually looks like boats are levitating mid-air, you’re onto a place that’s pretty surreal both over and underwater. So, for the people who are into diving, you can only imagine just how exciting it is to get below the surface and see what else awaits in these magical blue waters.”

We like to think there is no place in the world offering such great shore dives, boat dives or opportunities to enjoy the beauty of sea’s nature while snorkeling.​  But honestly, as you could imagine, we are a little biased.  So, we have compiled the Top 10 Reasons to Dive Curacao from an international list of travel writers, bloggers and media outlets to help us out and provide you with a fantastic overview of our beautiful island, located in the heart of the Dutch Caribbean.

Top 10 Reasons to Dive Curacao

1. Best Destination in the Caribbean

Caribbean Journal:  “This Dutch Caribbean gem is the Caribbean’s number one scuba diving destination.  Everything is here, from over 70 spectacular dive sites, a broad collection of top-level dive shops and marvelous underwater beauty.  That’s along with some of the Caribbean’s top dive hotels and resorts.”

2. Best Destination for Shore Diving

Scuba Diving Magazine: “Divers could easily check off many boxes on their wish lists with a single trip to Curacao.  Calm conditions? Check. Good visibility? Check. Healthy reefs? Check. Unlimited shore diving?… The entire island of Curacao is a shore diver’s dream.”

3. Best Macro Diving in the Caribbean

Scuba Diving Magazine:  “The fringing reefs of Curacao are a macro paradise and a treasure troves of small life such as yellow seahorses and Pedersen cleaner shrimp.”

4. Conservation is a Priority

Project AWARE: “The community of Curacao are true leaders in the fight to protect what we love. Together dive centers on the island have united to protect their local dive sites from the onslaught of trash.”

5. The Best Caribbean Dive Site

USA Today 10 Best:  “A cargo freighter called the Superior Producer sunk in 1977 from being overloaded with too much cargo.  Today, it sits almost perfectly upright 100-feet (30m) below the surface, where divers can explore its holds and bridge, looking for sponges, coral, great barracudas and schooling tarpons.”

6. Always more to Explore

Forbes Magazine:  “There is one specific reason WHY Curacao, and that is because of the island’s over 70 boat and shore diving sites.  You will be hard-pressed to find a bad one.”

7. A Caribbean Budget Destination

Wisebread:  “Unlike many far-flung diving destinations, getting there is affordable with non-stop, round trip flights from the Netherlands, New York, New Jersey, Charlotte, Miami, Toronto, and Montreal, to name a few.”

8. Hurricane-Free Caribbean

USA Today:  “Curacao conveniently sits below the hurricane belt, making it appealing for travelers who can do without the angst of weather delays during the Atlantic hurricane season that continues through the end of November.”

9. Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

“Our ocean and dive sites are an important component of our Tourism Product.  It is therefore a shared responsibility of the community to conserve and positively contribute to the preservation of our natural resources, such as our ocean and dive sites for the benefit of future generations.” – Mr. Miles Mercera, President and CEO of the Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA)

10. Affordable Caribbean Destination

US News and World Report: “Scuba Diving on Curacao is the number one thing to DO” – but of course there are plenty of things to do on Curacao and no right way to experience any of them.  All travelers can make the island their own experience while embracing it authentic, unforgettable spirit.

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