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Curacao, a MUST-DIVE Destination for 2019

Curacao is the Best Kept Secret in the Caribbean

Exactly one year ago, the Forbes Magazine “10 Must-Dive Destinations for 2019” feature announced: “Curaçao is a MUST-DIVE Destination for 2019.” Alongside Fiji, Easter Island and Yap to name but a few, this recognition was an incredible honor.

Diving into the Heart of the Dutch Caribbean

The article continued:

“Even those of you out there that just aren’t that into scuba diving (mountain people, gasp!), can’t deny just how beautiful this tiny Caribbean island’s water is. Yes, even you, mountain person, will want to take a dip in this idyllic bathwater.

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Why is Curacao a Must Dive Destination?

It should not come as a surprise why this tiny Dutch island has made this year’s list. Because when the water is so clear that it looks like boats are levitating mid-air, you’re onto a place that’s surreal – both over and underwater.

So, for the people who are into diving, you can only imagine just how exciting it is to get below the surface and see what else awaits in these magical blue waters.”

This was the beginning of what was to become an incredible and unprecedented year of international press coverage for the Curaçao Scuba Diving Industry, and a massive boost in awareness of, the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao.

With a unique blend of history, culture, language, food and music and incredible diving, Curaçao is distinguishing itself from other Caribbean and worldwide destinations. In addition, the island’s dive industry partners are invested in regular / ongoing and extensive initiatives for marine conservation and sustainable tourism.

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