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DEMA 2019 Show, The Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao steals the Show!

Curacao at the 2019 DEMA Show

At the 2019 DEMA Show (Dive Equipment and Manufacturers Association) in Orlando, Florida – the stunning Curaçao Pavilion stole the show with a mesmerizing Curaçao blue seafloor that welcomed North American and International Dive Industry professionals to dive in and “feel it for yourself”!

“Diving in Curaçao is a million-dollar experience, we invite you to come feel it for yourself!” says the Prime Minister of Curaçao, Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath, to uncover a World Class diving and vacation destination where conservation truly meets your next Caribbean adventure!

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Curacao makes a Splash at DEMA!

Why Curaçao?

As much as the blue of Curaçao provides awesome curb appeal, these blue factors can be experienced at so many other amazing destinations too.

Curaçao emerged from the DEMA 2018 Show as a truly competitive World Class Vacation and Diving destination that positioned itself directly against other notable destinations.

Because of this, the Curacao Tourist Board decided to make a significant splash at the DEMA 2019 Show together with the Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association’s (CHATA) Dive Task Force.

“This daring approach to the DEMA 2019 Show gave us the opportunity to highlight unique Curaçao experiences like annual cultural events, food, languages, music, and history while reinforcing the strong private sector commitment to ocean conservation and sustainable tourism,” said Bryan Horne, Founder and Creator of Dive Curaçao and Dive Travel Curaçao.

Special Announcements at DEMA 2019

Curaçao is a “TOP 5 WORLD CLASS Dive and Vacation” destination, thanks especially to you, the readers of Dive Magazine UK!! 

The Dive Magazine – 2019 DIVE Travel Awards saw more than 4,500 individual nominations made for 78 destinations, 470 dive centres or resorts and 215 liveaboards. With close to 20,000 votes cast across the Top 25 in each category, finally, after six months, we have the winners…”

Mission Accomplished!

“Our mission was accomplished! Says, Mr. Mick Bosman, Managing Director of Dive Division, Caribbean Dive Network and Chairperson of the CHATA Dive Task Force.  “It is great to see the International diving community has become aware of Curaçao as a prime Diving and Vacation destination. We are seeing an increase of dive tourism and I personally applaud the members of the CHATA Dive Task Force for their selfless collaboration for the benefit of Curaçao.  I personally believe, that by working together we are succeeding in making Curaçao a World Class destination where conservation and sustainability are everyone’s responsibility.”

During the DEMA 2019 Show, Curaçao gave away vacation packages in support of the 2020 Curaçao International Dive Festival (scheduled September 27 to October 3rd).

Jan Geerings, the Managing Director of Dive Center Scuba Do said, “we are looking forward to the 2020 Curaçao International Dive Festival, where once again it will be an unprecedented collaboration for sustainable tourism, ocean conservation and a union of the Curacao tourism stakeholders,”

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At the heart of Dive Curaçao and now, Dive Travel Curaçao, is an unwavering commitment to provide exceptional value, high quality and personalized service to ensure that you, as our client, can have the opportunity for the best Curaçao experience, above and below the waterline.
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