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Curacao is a Unique Shore Diving Haven

Shore Diving in Curacao

In a sport where you often must charter a boat to see the best of the underwater world, Curacao is a unique shore diving haven for divers looking to take the advantage of a more leisurely schedule. So, if you are looking for an alternative to popular shore diving destinations like Bonaire, then you should consider diving in Curaçao.  Why?  Read on and we hope to see you soon to Dive Curaçao!

Curacao is an Unlimited Shore Diving Haven

The Caribbean has no shortage of awe-inspiring views and vacation destinations, but the real majesty of this region is nestled to the west of the central Atlantic Ocean and found below the surface of her azure waves. These naturally clear turquoise waters provide ideal habitats to thousands of species of corals, fish, crabs, turtles, rays, sharks, and more which in turn attracts divers & snorkelers alike from all over the world.

World Class Dive Vacation Destination

One of these prime destinations in the Caribbean, that sits 43 miles (70km) off the North Coast of Venezuela, is the island of Curacao that is a southern diamond and a reward to any who are willing to make the trek.

Easy access for Shore Diving Adventures

Curacao is laid out in a way that makes the southern side of the island almost perfect for shore diving. Thanks to the geographic location, the winds in the area come from the Northeast, meaning that almost the entire southern shoreline is protected from heavy sea winds. The lack of strong winds means that divers can get their feet wet almost any time of year, and the diving from shore is calmer and safer.

Drive and Dive Curacao

Shore Diving in Curacao
Experience Unlimited Shore Diving Freedom Rates Curaçao

According to, Curaçao has thirty-eight dive sites accessible by beach that have an average diver rating of 3.8 out of 5. Given the average vacation is only seven days, and you need one full day in between diving and flying home, you have six world class shore dives you can hit every single day of your trip. On top of that each site is unique, so shore diving Curacao offers no shortage of exploration opportunities.

Day and Night Adventure

For those divers who like a little more adventure, and know that some of the coolest sea life comes out at night, the abundance of shore dives on Curaçao means that you have ample opportunity to jump in the water for a moonlit night dive. The reef takes on a completely different personality at night, and offers the best night-life anywhere is the world. Rays, sharks, squid, and octopuses all await the night time diver.

Curacao Diving Sites

On the south side of the island, the fringing reef in most cases is within 60-feet (20m) from the shoreline which leads to incredible drop offs that allow divers to venture a little bit deeper into the aquatic wonderland.  Of the seventy popular dive sites the island has available, over half of them are reachable from the shore.

Nearly all these shore dive sites are clearly marked along the road way because Curaçao knows they have great shore diving. They have gone out of their way to accommodate adventurers, like you, looking to take advantage of the matchless wonder.

Curaçao Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Guide

Curacao Dive Guide and Interactive Map | Dive Curaçao
discover more than 70 World Class Dive Sites

Travel Tip:  If you want a totally psychedelic and mind blowing experience, then you really need to try a Fluorescent night dive on Curaçao!

Curacao Dive Industry

Committed to Safety, Quality and Sustainable Tourism

The only thing better than easy shore access, is having a knowledgeable & responsible dive operator available to take care of your every need. At a good number of the popular sites along the coast you will find a Curaçao Tourist Board approved dive shop serving that area.

Dive Shops in Curacao

Part of the Curaçao Tourist Board selection is based on a strong commitment to quality, safety & sustainable tourism where many, in fact, have joined the Project AWARE “Adopt A Dive Site” Initiative.  They have committed to conserve and protect these sites from marine debris by conducting monthly Project AWARE “Dive Against Debris” clean-ups

Use the Curacao Dive Guide and ask to see the “Curaçao Tourist Board Approved” quality check to ensure when visiting the Island, you dive with only the best! These Curaçao Dive Shops also offer dive guided services too. Whether you are a new diver, or a well saturated veteran, a dive guide is always a good decision.

The Curacao Dive Guides know the area, and add an additional element of safety to your dive trips. They also know the hiding places of the critters you came to see. Dive Shops in Curaçao will also have access to special types of dives and animal interactions that you will not be able to experience on your own.

Thinking, Dreaming or Planning?

Scuba Diving in Curacao | Caribbean Dive Travel | Dive Curaçao


Are You Ready to come Shore Diving in Curaçao?

Start thinking of packing your mask, fins, dive computer, certification card and your thirst for adventure as you travel to Curacao.  Because this Dutch Caribbean gem is a unique shore diving haven. The the only bad dive will be the dive you don’t go on!

Are you ready? Visit Dive Travel Curacao to start planning your next unlimited shore diving adventure to Curaçao.

Dive Travel Curaçao

Dive Travel Curacao | Curacao Dive Vacation Packages
1% of Dive Travel Curaçao’s net annual proceeds are donated to Reef Renewal Curaçao so they can re-invest it in restoring corals for the future of Curaçao

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