Curaçao International Dive Festival

The Curaçao Dive Festival, an international event, is focused on building an atmosphere that will both educate and foster the enjoyment of sharing underwater experiences and also highlight what Curaçao has to offer as a world class vacation destination.

Festival Supports Sustainable Tourism in Curacao

In 2019, The enthusiastic driving force behind this successful renewed attention for Curaçao as a diving destination was Bryan Horne who humbly admits that he was “proud to lead the return of Curaçao Dive Festival that has signaled an unprecedented collaboration for sustainable tourism, ocean conservation and a union of the Curacao tourism stakeholders that includes a long list of dedicated industry sponsors!”

Curacao International Dive Festival | Dive Travel Curaçao

The festival’s event calendar features unique events like a coral restoration workshop, lionfish hunting and underwater painting classes. Bryan Horne, founder of the Dive Curaçao, says the goal of the week is to give a taste of everything Curaçao has to offer.

“We’re tying the community together and giving divers — or anyone, really — a fantastic vision of what the underwater world is and what Curacao is doing to protect it,” he says.

2019 Curaçao Dive Festival Spotlight

Divers from all over the world came together in Curaçao to participate in the re-formatted 2019 Curaçao International Diving Festival. After a ten year hiatus, the Curaçao 2019 Dive Festival puts a direct spotlight on Curaçao as a World Class Dive Vacation destination.

By Els Kroon, Independent Journalist for the ANTILLIAANS DAGBLAD

Curacao Dive Festival | World Class Vacation Destination | Dive Curaçao

About the Curaçao International Dive Festival

Dive Curaçao and Dive Travel Curaçao works in collaboration with the Curaçao Tourist Board and, the Curaçao Dive Industry to create the Curaçao International Dive Festival.

The Curaçao Dive Festival proceeds generated are donated to support valuable on island sustainable tourism initiatives such as Reef Renewal Curacao, the Curaçao PADI AWARE “Adopt A Dive Site” Initiative and other on island sustainable tourism initiatives.

By supporting these valuable and sustainable tourism initiatives, we are reaffirming a commitment to the island of Curacao to ensure sustainability, so that future generations may benefit.  Additionally, participants can directly support these initiatives through sponsorship, charitable donations and of course, becoming a volunteer.

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1% of Dive Travel Curaçao’s net annual proceeds are donated to Reef Renewal Curaçao so they can re-invest it in restoring corals for the future of Curaçao