Scuba Hank NYC Dives into Curaçao

The first time Scuba Hank NYC visited Curaçao was a quick weekender in July 2011. His plan was simple! See as much of the island as possible during his short stay, explore as many bars and restaurants, and make sure he found his way to the infamous Mambo Beach for the weekend. After this first visit, he knew that he had only scratched the surface.

Scuba Hank NYC quickly realized that he needed to return, to experience some amazing Curaçao diving adventures, to discover the beautiful fringing coral reefs and drop-offs that surround this relatively unknown Dutch Caribbean island. But, I also realized I need to do this in combination to see more of what topside had to offer too.

Since Scuba Hanks’s initial visit he has returned to Curaçao six times including his last visit in November 2017. Curacao has so much to offer both above and below the water which is the reason I keep coming back. The people are extremely nice, the food and drinks are tasty, and I always seem to observe something new and exciting underwater.

“I don’t know if this is an anomaly but no matter how great my experiences are at a hotel or resort, I never stay at the same place over consecutive visits (unless it’s for business travel). I feel this travel choice allows me to explore, meet new people and I believe this decision also keeps my appetite wet for exploration.”

Scuba Hank NYC

Diving into the historic Pietermaai District

When Scuba Hank NYC decided to return for more Curaçao diving adventures this time, the Scuba Lodge Boutique Hotel & Ocean Suites was my choice. I decided on this hotel due to its proximity to downtown Willemstad and because it has a Curacao Tourist Board (CTB) approved dive shop.

After completing the standard legal dive due diligence, I loaded my gear on their large red “Scuba Bus” and we headed to a dive site called Kokomo located at Vaersenbaai. Kokomo is a private beach famous for a monthly full moon party that is the largest in the Caribbean. The beach also has a nice restaurant serving standard dishes and an array of tasty beverages.

When we arrived, there were not that many divers, snorkelers or even sun-seekers since it was a week day. So, it was decided to do two dives. With an easy shore entry and the relaxed feeling of the warm turquoise waters, I began to observe incredible macro life all around me.

As we progressed further from shore we saw large and healthy corals, Parrotfish, Trunkfish, Grunts, Groupers, Filefish, Christmas Tree Worms, Butterflyfish, Angelfish and beautiful Anemones with bright purple tips.  These first two dives of my holiday were fantastic!

As we progressed further from shore we saw large and healthy corals, Parrotfish, Trunkfish, Grunts, Groupers, Filefish, Christmas Tree Worms, Butterflyfish, Angelfish and beautiful Anemones with bright purple tips. These first two dives of my holiday were fantastic!

Later that evening, I decided to explore the historic Pietermaai District which is the neighborhood around the hotel and found this wonderful street, lined with a row of restaurants and bars, called Nieuwestraat. Here I discovered Miles Jazz Café, a unique bar with a distinctive local vibe where several times a week they have live musicians playing their delightful tunes. (I would spend a lot of post dive hours here during this trip but not many late nights because I had to be prepared to dive each day.)

Curaçao Diving Adventures in Wespunt

The next day we boarded the “Scuba Bus” and headed to Westpunt with the plan to dive Playa Piskado (aka Playa Grandi) and Alice in Wonderland. At each site, we saw a ton of sea life and healthy corals. I observed a lot of beautiful Damselfish and active Sea Urchins crawling on the sandy ocean floor.

Next day we were off to Porto Mari another one of my favorite sites. I enjoy returning to an island and diving the same site in a different month. I believe the last time I dove this site was in February a few years back. Sometimes you can notice migration and/or life-cycle changes. We waded into the turquoise water and observed more Seahorses, schooling Creole Wrasse, Sand Divers, Spotted Scorpionfish, and Banded Coral Shrimp.

Always more Things to Do in Curaçao

Next up was the famous Tugboat wreck located in Caracasbaai. After unloading our gear, we were greeted by a family of Iguanas. I dove the Tugboat on a previous dive trip to Curaçao from a boat with Ocean Encounters. Boat diving is equally exciting as shore diving in my opinion and a great option if you have a growing family, especially for one of their afternoon snorkeling trips to Tugboat or Director’s Bay.

Diving in at Caracasbaai

During my last visit, an abandoned ferry had been tied up the main pier at Tugboat Beach. On this trip, it was replaced with a decaying drillship, waiting to be stripped down for its materials. This drillship is a merchant vessel that is specifically designed for offshore exploration and drilling of new oil and gas reserves wells or for scientific purposes.

This was one the coolest dives of my life! From shore we dove underneath the vessel and surfaced in the middle of the ship called the Moon Pool. All Drillship’s have these “Moon Pool’s” which is an opening on the base of the hull used to pass through drilling equipment, small submersible crafts and commercial divers.

Since the ship was basically out of operation, our dive guides lead us underneath this awesome commercial vessel. I hope I’m not getting them into any trouble because the sign at the beach did say do not dive under the docked ship. It was awesome to surface in the middle of the ship and a great memory since I am not sure if I will be able to do that dive again.

After spending a few minutes there we descended and continued our dive under the dock. Here we saw Lettuce Nudibranchs, Arrow Head Crabs, Parrotfish, Anemones, Octopus and more Seahorse’s.

My final dive of the trip, at my request, was at Director’s Bay, which was not that far from the Tugboat dive site. This time we did not take the big red school bus but a nondescript and faded red pick-up truck. This was the perfect vehicle to navigate the narrow road leading to the dive site.

After gearing up, we descended a flight of stairs to reach a beautiful beach with a very few scantily clad and beautiful sun-worshipers. Once again, we waded in from the shore to a large ball of schooling fish. As we dove we saw, Trumpetfish, Arrowhead Crabs, healthy Anemones, Lettuce Nudibranchs, large Brain Coral with Christmas Tree Worms protruding from the sides, Staghorn Coral, Bluehead Wrasse and large Sea Fans.

Scuba Hank NYC will Be Back for more Curaçao Diving Adventures!

And now, I’m at the end of my Curaçao diving adventures for this year but need one more stop at the Miles Jazz Café before returning to NYC. I hope you have enjoyed “The Curaçao Diving Adventures of Scuba Hank NYC”. Please enjoy but most of all, I hope you discover and Dive Curaçao!

I can’t wait to return to get another chance to observe the fantastic bio-diversity Curaçao has to offer and, to continue my topside exploration of the restaurants and bars. Until next time, Curaçao!

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Header photo courtesy of Dive Center Pietermaai.