In the azure waters of the Caribbean, where vibrant marine life meets the enchanting depths of the sea, Curaçao stands as a gem among the ABC islands. With its rich marine biodiversity, stunning coral reefs, and world-class diving sites, our island has become a haven for scuba enthusiasts and snorkelers alike. At the forefront of unraveling the mysteries beneath the waves is the “Reef Smart Guides Curaçao”. This is the definitive travel companion that promises to transform your underwater adventures in Curaçao!

Reef Smart Guides Curaçao: #1 New Release on

Published by the renowned authors, the Reef Smart Guides Curaçao has rapidly climbed the charts. Since it’s release, this guide is now the #1 new release for Scuba Travel Guides. For those passionate about exploring the depths, this guidebook is more than just a book; it’s a passport to discover more than 70 dive sites in Curaçao.

Reef Smart Guides Curaçao: A Unique Gift for Dive Travel Enthusiasts

As a scuba diving, snorkeling, and freediving travel guide, the Reef Smart Guides Curaçao isn’t just a book; it’s a gateway to adventure. Whether you’re planning a trip to Curaçao or looking for the perfect gift for a fellow explorer, this guidebook is a must-have.

Its comprehensive coverage extends beyond diving, encompassing snorkeling, surfing, and kiteboarding, ensuring that every water enthusiast finds their slice of paradise in Curaçao.

Unveiling Curaçao’s Underwater Treasures

At the heart of this guidebook are detailed descriptions and vivid imagery of Curaçao’s finest dive and snorkel sites.

From legendary shipwrecks, like the Superior Producer, to mesmerizing coral reefs such as Director’s Bay, the guide takes you on a visual journey through the island’s aquatic wonders.

Thanks to Reef Smart’s cutting-edge 3D-mapping technology, you can immerse yourself in the intricate details of 38 of the most popular sites, with access imagery for an additional 46 sites.

Planning Your Curaçao Dive Vacation with Precision

No more uncertainties – the Reef Smart Guides Curaçao is your indispensable resource for seamless dive planning and execution. With detailed descriptions, 3D maps, and insights into 95 dive and snorkel sites (including Klein Curaçao), this guidebook ensures that every underwater exploration is an unforgettable experience. The inclusion of a 31-page species guide adds an educational dimension. This will help you identify and understand the diverse marine creatures you’ll encounter beneath the waves.

Available Locally and Globally

The Reef Smart Guides Curaçao (paperback version) is available for purchase in Curaçao at local dive shops and retail stores.

Online Shopping

For those preferring the convenience of online shopping, the guide is also available. Whether you are looking for a paperback or e-book version, you can find it on This global accessibility ensures that dive travelers worldwide can start planning the ultimate scuba diving vacation to Curaçao!

Waterproof Convenience: Dive into Reef Smart Guides as Cards

Looking for a more hands-on experience while diving or snorkeling? Reef Smart Guides are also available in the form of waterproof cards for specific Curaçao dive sites. Compact and durable, these cards are the perfect companions for underwater explorations, providing essential information at your fingertips.

Reef Smart Guide Curaçao: Exploring Curaçao Dive Sites in Detail
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The Reef Smart Guides: More Than Just a Guidebook

Reef Smart Guide Curaçao is more than just a scuba diving book; it’s a comprehensive exploration of the island’s underwater realm. For those intrigued by the mysteries of the ocean, the series extends beyond Curaçao, featuring guides to Bonaire, Grand Cayman, the Florida Keys, and more! For a broader understanding of the world’s oceans and coral reefs, enthusiasts can dive into “Beneath the Blue Planet“.

Plan a Personalized Scuba Diving Vacation

Are you ready to take the plunge? The contact our reservations team at Dive Travel Curaçao for a personalized scuba diving vacation. Start planning an unforgettable journey to Curaçao and Bonaire, where the turquoise waters and vibrant marine life await your exploration.

In summary, Reef Smart Guides Curaçao is not just a guidebook. It is an invitation to uncover the hidden treasures of Curaçao’s underwater world. This guide book offers you unparalleled insights, detailed maps, and immersive imagery too. Truly it is the key to unlocking the magic that lies beneath the waves. Whether you’re a seasoned diver, a snorkeling enthusiast, or a curious adventurer, the Reef Smart Guides are an essential resource.

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