Curaçao, an island located in the southern Caribbean, boasts pristine coral reefs and crystal-clear waters that attract tourists from around the world. As the allure of marine tourism grows, it becomes imperative to safeguard these delicate ecosystems. One possible groundbreaking solution would be to establish a National Green Fins Program in Curaçao. By doing so, Curaçao would align itself with the international success of The Reef-World Foundation and the UN Environment Program. Additionally, the nature of this program would further underline Curaçao’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG2030).

This article explores the significance of such a program, defining Green Fins and emphasizing its proven conservation management approach. We will also dive into the benefits for Curaçao in the realms of tourism, the environment, and the economy.

Additionally, this article sheds light on the growing local support, exemplified by committed dive shops and the recent inclusion of Sandals Resorts International, illustrating the potential transformative impact of a National Green Fins Program. Furthermore, we are urging Curaçao to seize the opportunity to pioneer sustainable marine tourism, enhancing both its global image and long-term ecological resilience.

Defining Green Fins and its Proven Conservation Management Approach

Green Fins stands as a beacon for sustainable marine tourism, addressing the escalating environmental threats associated with activities like diving and snorkeling. Developed and implemented internationally by The Reef-World Foundation and the UN Environment Program, Green Fins provides a proven conservation management approach. The core objective is to reduce the negative environmental impacts linked with marine tourism, specifically targeting the preservation of coral reefs.

At its essence, Green Fins promotes environmentally friendly guidelines that encourage sustainable diving and snorkeling practices. The program is underpinned by internationally recognized environmental standards (ISO Standards), employing a robust assessment system to measure compliance within the marine tourism industry. By offering practical, low-cost alternatives to harmful practices such as anchoring, fish and marine animal feeding, and chemical pollution, Green Fins empowers divers, snorkelers, the diving industry, and coastal communities to actively contribute to reef protection.

Benefits of a National Green Fins Program for Curaçao

Implementing a National Green Fins Program in Curaçao holds multifaceted benefits, spanning tourism, the environment, and the economy.

Preservation of Coral Reefs

Curaçao’s coral reefs are its ecological treasure, fostering marine biodiversity and supporting the livelihoods of countless species. A Green Fins National Program would act as a shield, mitigating the pressures exerted on these fragile ecosystems. This ensures their sustained health and increased resilience against climate change impacts.

Tourism Attraction and Differentiation

As global awareness of environmental issues continues to rise, travelers are seeking destinations committed to sustainability. A National Green Fins Program positions Curaçao as a responsible and forward-thinking tourism destination. Additionally, it creates a unique eco-tourism product. This will attract environmentally conscious travelers who are eager to explore and contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Economic Boost

Beyond its ecological benefits, the program can inject vitality into the local economy. Sustainable tourism practices fostered by Green Fins can attract high-value tourists. This leads to increased spending on eco-friendly excursions, accommodations, and local businesses. Moreover, the program’s emphasis on community involvement and training can create employment opportunities within the diving industry.

Eco-dive Tourism: A Sustainable Trend for 2024 and Beyond

Green Fins Curaçao supports Sustainable Dive Tourism in Curaçao

Growing Local Support in Curaçao

The success of any conservation program relies on local support and engagement. Fortunately, Curaçao is witnessing a groundswell of commitment from various local dive shops. This commitment directly illustrates a genuine interest and dedication to eco-dive tourism in Curaçao.

Notable local dive shops that are actively supporting Green Fins as Digital Members include;

Learn more about Green Fins in Curaçao

Originally launched in 2022

Sandals Royal Curaçao joins Green Fins

A significant leap forward occurred with the recent commitment from Sandals Resorts International. Sandals is the largest all-inclusive PADI 5 Star resort brand globally, which includes Royal Sandals Curaçao. Their decision to become a Digital Member of Green Fins showcases their corporate commitment to sustainability. Additionally, it marks a pivotal moment in catalyzing further support from within Curaçao’s tourism industry.

Green Fins adopted by Sandals and Beaches Caribbean resorts

via Dive Magazine

Embracing a Sustainable Future for Curaçao

Curaçao stands at a crossroads where it can pioneer sustainable marine tourism. By doing so, it can set an example for other destinations around the world. The momentum gained from the commitment of local dive shops and the endorsement of Sandals Resorts International signals a unique opportunity to establish a National Green Fins Program.

The call to action for Curaçao is clear. Curaçao can recognize that a National Green Fins Program not only safeguards its natural heritage but also elevates its global standing. By embracing this initiative, Curaçao can reshape its image as a responsible and eco-conscious destination. This will appeal to the growing market of environmentally conscious travelers. Furthermore, the economic benefits, coupled with the preservation of its marine ecosystems, underscore the program’s potential to enhance the overall well-being of the island.

In conclusion, the establishment of a National Green Fins Program in Curaçao is not just an environmental imperative but a strategic move that aligns with the evolving dynamics of global tourism. The program’s success elsewhere and the burgeoning local support underscore its feasibility and potential impact. Now is the time for Curaçao to lead the way. To embrace a sustainable future that balances the needs of tourism, the environment, and the economy.

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“Marine tourism plays an important role in Curaçao’s economy and as the industry grows, it is critical to establish practical approaches to protect the marine environment. By adopting Green Fins, dive operators are taking vital steps in ensuring Curaçao’s dive market is sustainably managed to increase corals and marine life’s resilience to wider global threats and protect the valuable marine ecosystems for future generations.” 

JJ Harvey, Director at The Reef-World Foundation

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