As scuba divers we are inherently passionate about protecting our blue planet. We love diving vacation destinations that respect the environment so we can, repeatedly, experience spectacularly healthy coral reefs full of color and life. But we also appreciate when dive resorts and their on-site dive shops are seriously committed to evolving a “GREEN MISSION” without “blue and/or green washing it”. At LionsDive Beach Resort Curaçao, an environmentally sustainable approach has been completely integrated into the daily resort operations and this is why they are one of the best eco-friendly dive resorts in Caribbean.

“To keep the beaches well maintained and beautiful for years to come, the resort operates a green eco-conscious mandate to offer recycling, energy and water conservation and sustainability through a variety of programs”… LionsDive Beach Resort Curacao “is aware that tourism can only survive in a world that is not only environmentally sustainable, but also economically and socially responsible.”

Forbes Magazine: “The Best Hotels in Curacao

The Eco-Friendly Mission of LionsDive Beach Resort

When Fiona Tapp wrote the above article in 2019 for Forbes Magazine, LionsDive Beach Resort Curaçao was just in the beginning stages of implementing their “Green Eco-Friendly Mission” strategy with the goal of fully integrating environmentally sound solutions into their day to day operations.

Today, LionsDive Beach Resort has expanded their operational eco-conscious mandate to include their guests.

By expanding the eco solutions into guest services at the resort, they are now enabling their guests to participate daily in recycling, water conservation, daily waste reduction, and lessening the energy burden with a networked solar farm.

In addition, LionsDive Beach Resort also supports key environmental initiatives in Curaçao that provides real value for the local community.

Whether it is supporting educational programs like GreenKidz, reducing animal suffering with the Rescue Paws Curaçao Foundation via Pack for a Purpose, or promoting diving and snorkeling programs with the Reef Renewal Curaçao Foundation; the long term goal of LionsDive Beach Resort is to encourage the preservation of our environment for future generations with active participation.

Eco-Friendly Sleep and Dive Packages

LionsDive Beach Resort in Curaçao offers an eco-conscious sleep and dive vacation experience in collaboration with Ocean Encounters, their on-site dive shop. This unique partnership combines the luxury of a beachfront resort with a commitment to environmental sustainability, making it an ideal choice for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Guests at LionsDive Beach Resort can immerse themselves in the vibrant underwater world of Curaçao while treading lightly on the environment. The resort and Ocean Encounters share a deep dedication to preserving the marine ecosystem, promoting responsible diving practices, and supporting conservation initiatives. From eco-friendly dive gear cleaning stations to educational programs on marine life, this collaboration ensures that guests leave with not just unforgettable memories, but also a heightened awareness of the delicate underwater ecosystem.

LionsDive Beach Resort: Best Eco-Dive Resort in the Caribbean

How to Book a Personalized Eco-Dive Vacation

To book a personalized LionsDive sleep and dive vacation, Dive Travel Curaçao is your go-to partner. Dive Travel Curaçao specializes in crafting tailor-made dive experiences and can customize your stay at LionsDive to suit your preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a beginner, they will curate the perfect itinerary, including dive packages, accommodation, and even land-based eco-tours to explore the island’s natural beauty.

Planning your eco-dive vacation to Curaçao with Dive Travel Curaçao is a seamless process. Our reservations team is dedicated to ensuring that your trip is not only memorable but also eco-friendly. We can help you choose the right dive packages, arrange transportation, and provide insights into sustainable activities that allow you to give back to the environment during your stay.

So, if you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable eco-friendly sleep and dive vacation in Curaçao, don’t hesitate to contact our reservations team. Take the plunge, explore the wonders of the deep, and leave a positive impact on the environment. Your dream eco-dive vacation is just a call or click away. Contact Dive Travel Curaçao now and start planning your journey to the pristine waters of Curaçao. Together, we can make your vacation both extraordinary and environmentally responsible.

LionsDive Beach Resort: Best Eco-Dive Resort in the Caribbean

LionsDive Beach Resort Eco-initiatives

“We believe that traveling and exploring destinations enriches peoples’ lives. We need to care for our beautiful island so future generations will be able to enjoy Dushi Korsou as well. Therefore, LionsDive is committed to preserving the environment, by reducing waste, conserving energy and water and supporting local educational initiatives such as Greenkidz.”

Mimi Luttge, General Manager of LionsDive Beach Resort Curaçao

Water Bottle Program

Staying hydrated at LionsDive Beach Resort is now even easier thanks to their new environmentally safe water bottle program because all guests, when checking in, receive their own water bottle. That means that guests can now expect one reusable beach bag (per couple) and one water bottle per person that can be refilled with refreshingly cold water at several water filling stations throughout the resort.

The water bottles not only look spectacular but are a sustainable solution from Join the Pipe. The bottles are made from sugarcane, a CO2 negative plastic. By reusing a bottle, you help us reduce single-use plastic waste. Join the Pipe is committed to a world with less plastic waste in which everyone and everywhere in the world, has access to safe drinking water. The bottles are filled with tap water from Curacao.

Not only is Curacao’s tap water safe to drink, but it is also of the finest quality! Water is distilled from seawater and therefore perfectly safe to drink. The water is soft, contains no chloride, has little calcium and it even meets the highest quality standards of the World Health Organization. With these amazing bottles and perfect drinking water, we no longer need to purchase single-use plastic bottles. And that is precisely the point.

LionsDive strives to be a sustainable resort and projects like these fit perfectly with their green mission. Refill, reuse and reduce plastic!

Solar Panel Farm

Over the course of 2022, LionsDive Beach Resort has installed 588 solar panels throughout the resort with the assistance of the Dynaf Group who are committed to “delivering reliable, affordable, sustainable and modern energy solutions for all”.

With this current installation, the solar panels are able to provide approximately 70% of the daily energy requirements at LionsDive.

According to the General Manager, “We plan to add even more solar panels when we renovate, so the end goal is to cover 100% of the resort’s daily energy needs.”

For the supply of the right Solar solutions, LionsDive Beach Resort worked with Dynaf in collaboration with SolarNRG in the Netherlands.

SolarNRG is focused on Solar installations and have their own factory for production and manufacturing of the mounting systems required for tropical and harsh regions.

Pack for a Purpose

Another new and meaningful partnership LionsDive has started is with Pack for Purpose. This organization assists travelers that want to make a meaningful contribution to the destination they are visiting.

Pack for Purpose asks tourists to bring small items that are requested by a chosen non-profit organization. LionsDive has chosen to support Rescue Paws.

Rescue Paws Curaçao is a non-profit organization that stands for reducing animal suffering in Curaçao. You can support Rescue Paws in various ways because they are always looking for adopters, fosters and volunteers for their center here in Curacao.

GreenKidz Foundation

The resort also supports various projects for local schools. From 2016, LionsDive Beach Resort has supported the Greenkidz project, that encourages local schoolchildren, to take care of the environment and to take responsibility for their home and school environments, as they actively contribute to a greener, cleaner and healthier Curaçao from a young age.

Since mid-2021, LionsDive started their ‘$1 a night’ campaign and is donating $1 per night that is booked directly on the website. The funds are used for educational materials for children.

According to GreenKidz, they encourage children “to contribute to a cleaner, greener and healthier living environment and to be proud of themselves, their school and their island.” They do this “by developing modern interactive teaching programs that are in line with the experience and learning styles of children in the Dutch Caribbean.” Visit GreenKidz to learn more.

Book your Curaçao Dive Vacation with Dive Travel Curaçao
1% of Dive Travel Curaçao’s net annual proceeds are donated to Reef Renewal Curaçao so they can re-invest it in restoring corals for the future of Curaçao
Dive and Snorkel for a Purpose

Are you wanting to make a difference and truly Dive or Snorkel with a Purpose? At LionsDive Beach Resort, guests are invited to submerge themselves at their house reef by “Diving and Snorkeling for a Purpose” with the Reef Renewal Curaçao Foundation!

Every Wednesday, guests of LionsDive can participate in an immersive learning experience about coral reefs and the valuable work Reef Renewal Curaçao (RRC) is doing on their house reef.

So, when staying at the LionsDive Beach Resort, visit Ocean Encounters and join RRC for a guided shore dive or snorkeling tour to see the elkhorn and staghorn coral nurseries plus the numerous out-plantings. All the fees are donated to RRC!

Why? Because ultimately, if everyone works together to protect what we love it will lead to greater efficiencies in recovery and achieve long term sustainability for our coral reefs and marine habitats here in Curaçao.

Are you Ready for an Eco-Dive Vacation at LionsDive?

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Imagine crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life, coral reefs that dazzle with their beauty, and a vacation that leaves a positive impact on the environment. It’s time to embark on an eco-dive vacation at LionsDive Beach Resort in Curaçao.

LionsDive is not just a typical beach resort; it’s a haven for eco-conscious travelers who want to experience the wonders of the underwater world while preserving its fragile ecosystem. Here, you can explore some of the Caribbean’s most pristine dive sites, all within easy reach of your comfortable accommodations. Dive into the depths of the Caribbean Sea and witness the breathtaking biodiversity that thrives in these waters.

But this eco-dive vacation isn’t just about exploration; it’s about responsibility. LionsDive is committed to sustainable diving practices, from reef conservation to responsible waste management. Dive Travel Curaçao, your trusted partner, will help you create a personalized eco-dive vacation that aligns with your values and interests.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the endless possibilities today by contacting Dive Travel Curaçao. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a beginner, there’s a unique eco-dive experience waiting for you at LionsDive.

Join us in preserving and cherishing the natural beauty of Curaçao’s underwater world while creating unforgettable memories. Book your eco-dive vacation now and be part of a sustainable travel movement that truly makes a difference. Dive in, take action, and make memories that matter.

LionsDive Beach Resort: Best Eco-Dive Resort in the Caribbean