The Unlimited Freedom to Enjoy Curaçao

Are you ready to experience unlimited diving freedom in Curaçao? Upon arriving at All West Apartments and Diving you will immediately feel a gentle “always summer” breeze that sways the palm trees against the beautiful backdrop of Westpunt Bay.

At All West Apartments you can take a deep breath, relax with your favorite beverage, and watch the most amazing sunsets in Curaçao while preparing your dive plan for the coming days. Here, you realize instantly looking past the swallow turquoise water that a blue line testifies how accessible the nearby reef edge is.

There are many places like this around the world however, there is no other like All West Apartments where you have complete diving freedom.

Curaçao is one of the few places in the world where you have the freedom of independent shore diving. Of the seventy popular dive sites the island has available, over half of them are reachable from the shore and most of them are also suitable for beginners. There is hardly any current on Curaçao, orientation is simple (30 minutes there, turn around, 30 minutes back) and can therefore be done without a navigation course. Simply – Park, dive, and enjoy life. That’s what freedom is.

The village of Westpunt is about 45 minutes by car from the capital Willemstad. Tourist shops are lined up in Willemstad, and one bar competes with the next to see who has the best daily specials. You won’t find anything like that in Westpunt especially if you decide to venture in on a Thursday night for Punda Vibes!

Westpunt is located behind the national park and Mount Christoffel where you will find the selection of possible evening activities manageable. There are some very good restaurants plus one or two sundowner bars.

Here in Westpunt the clocks tick more slowly. There is certainly no rushing and certainly no stress unless you want to. Whether you fire up the BBQ grill on the terrace, cook comfortably or visit one of the restaurants in a relaxed manner: the best way to watch the unique sunset will be from your own terrace at All West Apartments with a glass of wine or a beer plus the sound of the waves.

With a little luck you can see the jumping dolphins on the horizon, while the silhouettes of the boats slowly disappear into the red gold of the big sphere. That’s what life is all about. The freedom to enjoy – when and where you want.

Unlimited Diving Freedom in Curaçao

It’s the same with diving. Only a few steps separate the well-secured drying room of the All West apartment complex in Westpunt from the large house reef known as Playa Piskadó or Playa Grandi.

At Playa Piskadó, colorful sponges are growing in competition and corals are asserting their place. Damselfish vehemently defend their territory from invaders, while most of the rest of the fish world remains completely unfazed. The clear view is impressive as soon as you descend down the drop off where you generally encounter Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles. Truly, everything can be found here on this incredibly healthy fringing reef system.

Another major draw of Playa Piskadó for divers and snorkelers is the underwater statue of King Neptune. Made of metal, King Neptune rises up from his throne almost 3 meters in the middle of the reef. However, the coral sprouting from his head and trident give him an epic look especially as bait balls encompass the statue.

Freedom of Scuba Diving in Curaçao | Dive News Curaçao
Statue of King Neptune at Playa Piskadó in Westpunt, photo by NaturePicsFilms

Here, you owe it to yourself to look into every crack and crevice plus circling every reef block twice because the macro life is absolutely abundant.  It is a little paradise where life is exploding everywhere including under the small jetty.

While diving this reef, you may think the sky is darkening. But you would be wrong. In fact, it is a massively huge bait ball that is circling above your head. Thousands and thousands of fish, whose scales glisten silver in the sunlight, gather together to perform a magical dance and occasionally engulf divers into their epicenter which provides creates an incredible, if not mind blowing, diving experience! Oh, don’t forget to look for frogfish plus a quick scurry past the moorings where you may find seahorses.

Now that you are warmed up on the house reef at All West Apartments, it’s time to get out of the water and head to the next shore diving site! But, where to next? Use our Curaçao Diving Guide and Interactive Map that will provide you with the Top 10 shore diving sites to get you started!

Explore the Endless Possibilities in Curaçao

Exploring Curaçao can be a pretty ambitious task.  So dive in to explore more of Curaçao’s Westside and use our handy Curaçao Dive Travel Guide for useful holiday planning tips and vacation advice.

Now, if you are you ready to experience unlimited diving freedom in Curaçao then visit Dive Travel Curaçao for the latest dive vacation specials today!

All West Apartments and Diving | Dive Travel Curaçao
There are many places like this around the world however, there is no other like All West Apartments where you have complete diving freedom

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