Boat Dive Curaçao Diving and Snorkeling Guide


Dive Site Recommendations

  • Dive Type: Boat
  • Snorkel Site: No
  • Experience Level: Open Water (Min)
  • Depth: 40 -120ft (12-36m)

Special Notes

Due to recreational & commercial boat traffic, an inflated surface marker buoy is mandatory when shore diving. Consult a recommended Curaçao Dive Operator for additional details & recommendations.

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About the area around Saba Tugboat

The History of Landhuis Jan Thiel

Landhuis Jan Thiel, named after early owner Jan Thielen, dates back over three hundred years. It once comprised over 3,000 acres just east of Willemstad, Curaçao and was a principal producer of salt from the extensive salt pans found on the property.

At one time it also had over 1,000 goats, 450 cattle and was a major producer of fruit for export. The Landhuis proper and out buildings sits high on ridge that overlooks the salt lake below. The property extended as far as the shores of what is now Jan Thiel Bay and in the 1920’s the owners developed one of the first resorts on the island.

Today that development has expanded exponentially and Jan Thiel is one of the major housing and resort developments on Curaçao. Fortunately much of the original plantation lands have remained undeveloped and are now a nature preserve which stretches right to the back gate of Landhuis Jan Thiel. While the original Landhuis fell into disrepair for years, in 1997 it was restored and the current owners, the Evers Lesschen family, have made it into a haven for a small number of guests. There are currently six rooms in the original Landhuis plus the two bedroom Red Cottage.

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