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Sweet Alice

Dive Site Recommendations

  • Dive Type: Shore
  • Snorkel Site: Yes
  • Experience Level: Open Water (Min)
  • Depth: 0 -120ft (0 – 36m)

Special Notes

Due to recreational & commercial boat traffic, an inflated surface marker buoy is mandatory when shore diving. Consult a recommended Curaçao Dive Operator for additional details & recommendations.

Curacao Dive and Snorkel Guide | Dive Travel Curacao

Both directions are good, depending on the current. The currents are unpredictable but generally light. The fringing reef here is in good condition – you will find Sea Whips, Sea Rods, Cup Corals and wonderful Plate Corals growing along the gentle wall. Look for plenty of Morays, Spotted Drums, Hamlets and of course, Sea Turtles!

Playa Forti in Westpunt

Westpunt is the name of the westernmost point of the island of Curaçao and is also the name of a nearby small town, the island’s northernmost settlement.

The island’s northernmost point, Watamula, that lies two kilometres to the northeast. Close by you will find the incredible coral beaches of Playa Kalki, Playa Piskádo, Grote Knip and Kleine Knip.

Westpunt is known for excellent scuba diving, and is home to several shore and boat dive sites including a submerged airplane wreck and beautiful reefs. Most of tourist accommodation in Westpunt caters to scuba divers and offers excellent infrastructure such All West Apartments.

GO WEST Diving at Playa Kalki is the recommended Dive Shop in the Westpunt area and it is also Curacao Tourist Board approved.

Restaurant at Playa Forti

This restaurant was built in 1958 on the ruins of a fortress, constructed by the English, during the Napoleonic era. The original canons in front of the restaurant still reflect that adventurous period. This beautiful and historic site high up the rocks, offers the visitor a superb view of the most western part of the island and also a wonderful sunset view.

Playa Forti serves a variety of local and international dishes. The specialties include red snapper à la Curaçao, stewed goat, tenderloin and even cheeseburgers. Playa Forti invites you to try the fantastic Pina coladas while enjoying the sunset.

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Beaches Curaçao Diving and Snorkeling Guide Shore Dive Snorkel
Playa Piskado

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