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Postcards from Curaçao, Episode 03

Cas Abao Beach, Curacao

In times like this, dreaming of going to the beach to curl your toes into the sand or to dive into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean is exactly what the doctor ordered! Welcome to Episode 3 of Virtual Postcards from Curaçao where we are diving into Cas Abao Beach.

Cas Abao Beach in Curaçao has been proclaimed to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Curacao and it is also in the top 5 of most beautiful beaches of the world. With its clear turquoise water, waving palm trees and white sandy beach, Cas Abao (also spelled Cas Abou) is a true paradise.

Located on the northwest coast of Curaçao, this world class beach is an ideal spot for shore diving, snorkeling, freediving and swimming because of the spectacular shallows leading to the healthy fringing reef.

Other top Curacao beaches include Kenepa Grandi, Playa Kalki, Playa Porto Mari, Klein Curacao, and Klein Kenepa.

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Freediving at Cas Abao Beach

If you are looking for a fun diving school in Curaçao, discover B Diving and Watersports at Cas Abou Beach!

Shore diving, snorkeling or even freediving at Cas Abou Beach offers a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of sea’s nature with its beautiful wildlife and great reefs. If you are lucky you will even spot the local manta ray on the beautiful house reef just in front the diving school.

B Diving and Watersports offers a full range of PADI courses too.  Whether you are a beginner, an advanced diver or you would like to explore the possibilities of freediving, their expert team is ready for you.

They also offer a variety of different kinds of watersport activities too. You can rent beach toys, snorkeling gear, stand up paddleboards or other fun things to keep you busy on the beach.

The Diving school is located on the far end of the beach where you can safely leave your personal belongings while you relax on the beautiful white sandy beach while enjoying your favorite beverage or light snack from the Beach Bar.

Brief History of the Cas Abao Plantation

“Cas Abao Beach, Curaçao: Ringed by reefs, Curaçao hides a Caribbean underwater wonderland, and this beach is one of the few sandy ones on the arid island, with a bar and a shop to rent snorkel gear. Slip straight into the shallow crystalline bay alive with sea fans and coral, tropical fish, sponges, sea turtles, and more.” says Kimberley Lovato from National Geographic

The Cas Abao plantation has existed since the 17th century and used to include almost a thousand acres of land. It used to be named Engelenberg after its owner, Willebrord van Engelen, who also owned the Van Engelen plantation in the heart of Willemstad.

The main activity was agriculture, while salt mining was also practiced. The plantation incurred heavy damage during the slave rebellion of 1795 and the English sackings which took place some 14 years later. It was completely restored around 1970, at which time a number of modifications were applied to facades, dormers and windows. We hope this will bring a moment of joy and tranquility to your day so you can dream of our beautiful island. Please stay healthy and safe. We hope to see you soon for your next vacation to the heart of the Dutch Caribbean, so you can Feel it For Yourself!

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Sincere Love from Curacao,

Bryan Horne, Dive Curacao

Tilo and Yvonne Kuhnast, Nature Pics Films

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Header photo courtesy of Travander – check out their Curaçao Travel Review!

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