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Sustainable Dive Tourism in Curacao

Dive Tourism Industry in Curacao

Dive Curacao, from the very beginning, was created to be a sustainable online platform to strengthen the dive tourism industry in Curacao.

Our mission is simple – continue to evolve and deliver the most comprehensive dive destination resource in the Caribbean that promotes the Curacao diving industry and supports sustainable dive tourism initiatives in Curacao.

Why?  Because Curacao, the largest of the ABC (including Aruba and Bonaire) Islands, is still relatively unknown as a world class dive vacation destination, especially in North America.

Therefore our goal is to create awareness of our “hidden gem” and to build an atmosphere that both educates and fosters the enjoyment of sharing the amazing underwater experiences that are available in Curacao.

The fact is that some of the most bio-diverse reefs in the Caribbean exist right here in Curacao. The sheltered southern coast is rich in coral, and suitable for divers of all levels, with little in the way of adverse conditions at any of the popular dive sites.

Divers and snorkelers never seem to be able to stop talking about the beauty of scuba diving Curacao.  Let us assure you this is with good reason.

The main focus of Dive Curacao will always be centered on scuba diving. But Curacao is a very unique island that offers travelers so much more than the typical Caribbean “eat, sleep and dive” vacation destination because history, culture, language, food, music and on-island events play a major role for our island too.

Bryan Horne - Supporting Sustainable Tourism in Curacao
Bryan Horne, Founder of Dive Curacao

There is no denying that Scuba Diving in Curacao is the number one thing to DO – but of course there are plenty of things to do in Curaçao and no right way to experience any of them.

Dive in and explore the endless possibilities here in Curaçao so that you can make our island your own experience while embracing our authentic and certainly unforgettable spirit.

Investing in Sustainable Dive Tourism in Curacao

Global media platforms often overuse the phrase “sustainable tourism” to create buzz for brands and destinations alike that simply want to “green wash” and now “blue wash” you into thinking your support could have a lasting effect on our global fight against environmental issues.

Whether the issues are coral reef degradation, plastic pollution, global warming, excreta – the list is literally endless, right? But we can only control what we can control within our bubble and that is one of major reasons that Dive Travel Curacao exists today.

Honestly, from a private sector point of view, if we do nothing to support the environment we will eventually have an unsustainable dive tourism industry in Curacao. This will lead to an inability to deliver you exceptional dive travel and vacation experiences in the future. Bottom line is that apathy can no longer be embraced.

Therefore Dive Curacao and Dive Travel Curacao is 100% committed to support, and continually invest our available resources into, valuable sustainable tourism initiatives that make a real difference for Curacao not only from an environmental perspective but also from a socio-economic perspective too.

But, we are only able to do that because of like minded tourism partners, your trusting patronage and an unrelenting desire to Dive Curacao!

Curacao Sustainable Tourism Partnerships

Dive Curaçao and Dive Travel Curaçao is appreciative of the sustainable tourism partnerships developed with Reef Renewal Curaçao, Green Fins, Reef World Foundation, the PADI AWARE Foundation, Stream2Sea, the Caribbean Shark Coalition, and so many more.

These sustainable tourism partnerships in collaboration with environmentally responsible Dive Shops and Dive Resorts in Curacao has created a symbiotic relationship that allows Dive Travel Curacao to offer the best overall value for dive vacation packages that supports the protection of coral reefs in Curacao for future generations.

Supporting Coral Restoration in Curacao

“At the heart of Dive Curaçao and now, Dive Travel Curaçao, is an unwavering commitment to provide exceptional value, high quality and personalized service to ensure that you, as our client, can have the opportunity for the best Curaçao dive vacation experience”, says Bryan Horne, the Managing Director.

To further underline this commitment he says; “our coral reefs are a vital component of our island’s tourism product, therefore we are also proud that 1% of Dive Travel Curaçao’s net annual proceeds will be donated to Reef Renewal Curaçao so they can re-invest it in restoring corals for the future of Curaçao.”

“The significance of Reef Renewal Curaçao (RRC) is that together as a community here on Curaçao, we are restoring our shallow water reef system while educating our youth about the importance of protecting and preserving our natural ecosystem,” according to Pol Bosch, Operations Manager of RRC, who adds: “I am proud of Dive Travel Curacao’s commitment for coral restoration and believe that supporting initiatives like this further solidify a natural path to sustainability for future generations.”

Reef Renewal Curaçao - Help Restore Coral Reefs | Dive News Curacao
Out-planting coral fragments to create new colonies.

Supporting Green Fins and the Reef World Foundation

Green Fins is the world’s first independent certificate to stop the environmental impact from marine-based tourism, implemented predominantly through its membership available for marine tourism operators everywhere. Green Fins memberships are managed through a centralized platform – the Green Fins Hub. This allows all operators easy access to a personalized action plan, a library of environmental solutions as well as connection to other operators and conservation experts through the Community Forum.

Dive and snorkel operators here in Curacao are uniquely positioned to enact positive, lasting changes within our island community and among our customers.

By educating and empowering island communities, including the diving and snorkeling tourism, to use alternatives to unsustainable practices, we can develop a sustainable dive tourism industry in Curacao and protect local marine habitats.

That’s why the Green Fins initiative works with the global marine tourism industry and its governing bodies to drive environmentally friendly diving and snorkeling practices.

Reef-World hopes to inspire a shift towards sustainability; making sustainable diving the social norm globally by supporting the diving and snorkeling industry on its sustainability journey.

Green Fins and Reef World Foundation supports Sustainable Dive Tourism in Curacao


Interested in applying for Green Fins membership for your operation? Start here!

“Research shows that businesses who have adopted Green Fins show measurable improvements in their environmental practices and a reduction in damaging contacts made by their divers”

PADI AWARE Foundation in Curacao

Reefs worldwide are facing threats including climate change, overfishing, water pollution and marine debris from human waste like single use plastics. While the effects of climate change must be addressed on a global scale, local communities can give their reefs the best chance of survival.  They can start by reducing pressures such as fishing responsibly and reducing land-based pollution that is entering the ocean.

Many Caribbean reefs, like those in Curaçao stand a good chance of surviving if local pressures can be minimized. Several organizations on the island are working diligently to help restore and protect Curacao’s reefs by tackling these issues.

“The diving community in Curacao are true leaders in the fight to protect what we love. Together dive centers on the island have united to protect their local dive sites from the onslaught of trash. They realize that conservation cannot be done in isolation and that it takes the collaborative efforts of all to really make change.” says Jack Fishman, PADI AWARE Foundation

Project AWARE on Curacao - Protecting What We Love | Dive Curaçao
Our Children are Our Future

Plastic pollution is affecting the oceans across the world, and some reports estimate that by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Marine life like fish, birds and sea turtles can mistake plastic for food and eventually starve or become entangled and suffocate.  Sadly, many islands did not take-action quickly enough and their reef systems have collapsed. Collapsed reef systems result in losses in tourism, fishing revenue, floods, deteriorated water quality, and less resistance to storms. Luckily, Curacao still has the chance to protect itself if action is taken immediately.

Caribbean Shark Coalition

Dive Curacao proudly joined the Caribbean Shark Coalition to become its newest member in 2021 to represent the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, along with over 45 new members from NGOs, governments, and local businesses from nearly 30 countries, which have formally joined the CSC to build capacity around research, policy, and education efforts for these threatened species in the region.

The Caribbean plays a key role in advancing the global target of protecting 30% of the worlds’ ocean by 2030. Under this vision, the CSC has three primary goals, which will be carried out through collaborative work and CSC-member projects. Firstly, the CSC will foster collaboration in shark and ray research, policy, and capacity building for conservation among stakeholders, and provide opportunities for knowledge transfer and data synthesis.

The CSC will also seek to explore ways in which transboundary protections can be made to better safeguard the long-term health of shark and ray populations. Finally, the CSC aims to promote a sustainable future for these species as well as the human livelihoods who depend on them, by engaging local businesses, stakeholders, and private sector corporations.

Stream2Sea in Curacao

Dive Curacao is a proud partner of Stream2Sea and Caribbean Organic Beauty, trusted eco-conscious brands, that offers reef safe biodegradable sunscreen and body-care products that are backed by the most thorough testing for coral and aquatic safety in the industry.

Stream2Sea sunscreen and body care products are completely reef safe and biodegradable.

In fact, Stream2Sea is the FIRST and the ONLY brand that “walks the talk” to ensure that all their sunscreen, skincare and body care products do not contain Oxybenzone, Octinoxate and Octocrylene. To ensure this, rigorous testing is conducted to prove their products are safe to fishes and coral larvae (Protect Land + Sea Certified)!

To underline our commitment to sustainable tourism, Dive Travel Curacao in collaboration with our partners, we offer Stream2Sea products in Curacao so you can protect yourself against the raw elements and protect the coral reef against toxic ingredients.

Stream2Sea supports Sustainable Dive Tourism in Curacao

The Importance of Sustainable Dive Tourism in Curacao

Sustainable Dive Tourism in Curacao is of immense importance to conserve the 104 square kilometers of fringing coral reefs that surround the island. Equally important is the real commitment between the public and private sectors to collaborate on environmental legislation and ISO Standards that is required for our island, located in the heart of the Dutch Caribbean.

Our island’s subaquatic life is one of the many things that sets Curaçao apart from the other islands in the Caribbean. The real commitment, of Dive Travel Curaçao and our sustainable tourism partners, to support Reef Renewal Curacao, Green Fins, and the PADI AWARE Foundation initiatives are first steps in sustaining and spreading environmental awareness of our island’s life below the waterline.

With the assistance and teamwork of the entire community we need to create change in order to provide future generations an opportunity for a healthy and sustainable environment, both above and below the waterline.

Stream2Sea Curacao | Dive Travel Curacao

Sustainable Dive Vacation Packages

Dive Travel Curacao | Curacao Dive Vacation Packages
1% of Dive Travel Curaçao’s net annual proceeds are donated to Reef Renewal Curaçao so they can re-invest it in restoring corals for the future of Curaçao
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