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Discovering Curacao - the Best Kept Secret in the Caribbean

As a working dive professional in Curacao, I arrogantly thought I had seen and done it all.  But an experience in 2013 changed my perspective completely when I was introduced to Mauricio Handler.  From that moment forward, discovering Curacao through his lens would be the perspective that would change my life and the way I would see this incredible Dutch Caribbean Island located just north of Venezuela, between Aruba and Bonaire.

The fact is that Curaçao is surrounded by more than 104 sq. km (40 sq. miles) of some of the best coral reefs in the Caribbean, but has remained off radar for most diving enthusiasts.

These healthy fringing reef systems are attracting all kinds of marine life visitors, and more human visitors are now discovering Curaçao too.

“Since discovering Curaçao in the winter of 2006-2007, I can honestly say that it’s never the same scene twice since arriving here. Whale Sharks, Spinner Dolphins, Giant Manta Rays, Hammerheads, Sea Turtles, a Mola Mola, and even a few Humpback Whales have all wandered into my path over the years.  That’s the beauty of diving around Curaçao: it’s natural biodiversity.”

What I realized, upon discovering Curaçao again through Mauricio’s lens, is that the fringing reefs of Curaçao contain a massive amount of biodiversity that is truly unique to the Southern Caribbean.

During that week, I not only found a new perspective and a deeper respect for our underwater world but I also discovered a real appreciation for the beauty that exists here in Curaçao, above and below the waterline.

However, apathy for nature can no longer be embraced.

The private and the public sector alike needs to fully commit to a real understanding that a responsible approach is necessary for sustainable tourism and for the economic development of our island because the conservation of nature can no longer be ignored.

Video courtesy of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA), Filmed by Aquaterra Films, cover shot courtesy of Rutger Geerling

Curaçao makes a Giant Stride for Nature

In 2022, Curaçao has made giant strides forward with respect to the conservation of nature.  Namely by creating new nature parks and by ramping up the coral restoration efforts of the fringing reef systems.

“Significant challenges exist and must be overcome to reverse the damages that have been done to coral and fish communities. Fortunately, Curaçao is actively taking the steps to cultivate a culture that safeguards its ocean resources for the benefit its people now and into the future. It is a testament to the priorities of Curaçaons that they actively seek to know and protect their ocean to preserve their way of life.”

Reef Renewal Curaçao

Ocean Encounters, Curaçao’s Premier PADI and SSI Dive Shop, announced that their coral restoration project joined the Reef Renewal Foundation International (RRFI) network and changing its name to Reef Renewal Curaçao (RRC).

New Nature Parks in Curaçao

The Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity (CARMABI) recently highlighted some big changes and impressive achievements for Curaçao during the last Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) Board Meeting.

Achievements include the declaration of a new marine park at East Point as well as the opening of two other new nature parks around the corner. Also highlighted was the recovery of vegetation and rebound of biodiversity for Christoffel Park. 2022 promises to be an exciting year for conservation, especially with the new nature parks, on the island.


About Bryan Horne

My name is Bryan Horne and I am the Founder/Creator of Dive Curaçao.  I was born, raised and lived in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada where I might have been relatively content with my life as a salesman until I discovered scuba diving and then landed in Curaçao!

After I visited various destinations around the Caribbean, I found the delights of diving in the warm turquoise waters of Curaçao and realized I had exposed myself to a exceptional vacation destination.

Over the years, and still now, I emphasize that island experiences should not be geographically limited to either the East or West.  With over 38 beaches and over 70 dive sites plus an unlimited amount additional things to do, Curaçao allows visitors to truly unpack our unique Caribbean Island to create their own special experiences on their own terms.

But, to truly uncover this “best-kept secret of the Caribbean” you will need to take giant stride in, to plunge yourself into our warm turquoise waters where you will be overwhelmed by a 360-degree kaleidoscope of intense color and abundant life.

Diving at Shipwreck Point, Curaçao


​The most common questions I hear when tourists are deciding to visit Curaçao is – “what to do, where to dive, who to dive with, where to stay and of course the classic question, where is Curaçao?”. Dive Curaçao was founded with these primary questions in mind and even if we do not have the answer, being a local, we know who to ask.  So, please ask us!

Exploring and Discovering More in Curaçao

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About Mauricio Handler, Aquaterra Films

Mauricio Handler, Aquaterra Films, is a world renowned Director of Photography, Cinematographer and Cameraman.  Mauricio clients include the BBC and National Geographic.  He was contracted by the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) to film a documentary about the nature (above and below the waterline) for the 6 Dutch Caribbean Islands that you see here.

Special thanks to Dive Charter Curacao for providing the safety and boat service during the course of filming.

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