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The Dive Bus – Curacao Dive Shop Spotlight

Curacao Dive Shop Spotlight

CURACAO DIVE INDUSTRY FEATURE – This Curacao Dive Shop spotlight is dedicated to The Dive Bus – recognizing them for being one of the best Dive Shops in Curacao, their PADI 15 Year Service Award and for their unrelenting drive for sustainable dive tourism in Curaçao in partnership with the PADI AWARE Foundation.

The Dive Bus Curaçao is known in the greater Caribbean (and possibly all over the world) for its “seriously fun shore diving concept”! But what is even more impressing, especially in light of our current economic climate is their commitment to provide excellent customer service while underlining the consistent need to protect our fringing reef systems here in Curaçao.

About The Dive Bus – Curacao Dive Shop Spotlight

Mark and Suzy Pinnell, the dedicated owners of The Dive Bus, met and married on a Bahamian beach while working for Stuart Cove’s in Nassau, Bahamas.

Shortly after they decided to set off to explore more world class diving adventures which, as fate would have it, eventually led them to Bonaire and then of course to Curacao!

It is Curacao that captured their attention though. It was here that they soon discovered what they have always been passionate about and that was “seriously fun shore diving”! As Suzy put its, “Who knew Curacao had such awesome shore diving – and so close to shore? With no boat engines to fix and clean!”

With that in mind and within a few months, they bought a “Dive Bus” and set up the little Dive Bus “Hut” on Pierbaai at Marie Pampoen that had an amazing, un-dived and un-loved reef, right off the shore of the small fishermen’s beach.  Here, they started cleaning the reef and the beach with the support of the now PADI AWARE Foundation.

Curacao Dive Shop Spotlight - The Dive Bus | Dive News Curacao
Mark and Suzy - Livin' the Dream at The Dive Bus!

Today, 15 years later since the birth of The Dive Bus, Mark and Suzy are still at it! They continually lead a dedicated team of PADI Professionals that are regularly inspiring their divers and the community at large to have fun while understanding the inherent need to “protect, respect & enjoy” our oceans and its reefs, in partnership with the PADI AWARE Foundation and of course, PADI Worldwide.

Our Clean Up dives have became regular events, with more and more divers and dive shops joining each time. Our little dive shop that started as a PADI Dive Center has now become a PADI 5 Star, 100% PADI Project Aware & PADI Green Star Dive Center.”

PADI’s First Curacao Ambassadiver

Anyone who has ever met Mark understands immediately how passionate he is about diving and the ocean. He never stops exploring, discovering, sharing and protecting the underwater realm. He makes diving fun and engaging at the same time. Why? Because his passion is a natural catalyst for most people.  People engage with Mark because of his passion and his sincere sense of fun.

So What is Mark’s story? Why did PADI chose him to be Curacao’s first PADI AmbassaDiver?

Let’s dive in and meet Mark Pinnell: Curacao‘s first PADI Ambassadiver. 

In 2016 PADI, the world’s largest dive training organization, launched the PADI AmbassaDiver Program. Its purpose: to introduce more people to, and engage more divers with, the magic of the aquatic realm, through a team of PADI AmbassaDivers.

What is a PADI Ambassadiver?

AmbassaDivers are passionate divers and dive educators, committed to elevating diving in their communities and across the planet, and making our planet a little bit better.

Each AmbassaDiver carries the emblematic torch that lights the way for more people to pursue their passion, discover their purpose or follow their dreams to explore, experience and protect the underwater world.

CLICK here to find out more information on how you can become a PADI Ambassadiver in 2022.

According to PADI, “A PADI AmbassaDiver… is passionate about diving, exploration and adventure. is mission-oriented and educates others about social or environmental issues that they themselves are driving forward. engages others effectively at the local or global level helping create positive global change.”

“Livin’ the Dream!” – Curacao Dive Shop Spotlight

Mark Pinnell is not just the Managing Director of The Dive Bus in Curacao, he truly exemplifies the phrase “Livin’ the dream and keepin’ it clean”!

“When PADI told me the news about being selected as a PADI Ambassadiver I truly thought they were kidding”, laughed Mark. “I was seriously surprised, totally shocked and terribly confused! Why me?? I just do what I do and have a laugh. Apparently, that’s why they chose me. Now I’ve got a bit more used to the idea, it’s a brilliant idea and I am proud to be able to share my skills, ability and expertise to support the Curacao dive industry and of course sustainable dive tourism.”

Mark went on to say, “I am continually optimistic for the future of our beautiful Caribbean island and my hope is draw more attention to Curacao as the awesome shore diving destination that it is, and the importance of Sustainable Tourism in general”.

Drive and Dive Packages | The Dive Bus Curaçao | Dive Travel Curacao
The Dive Bus

“Diving may not be most people’s first idea of a career but it certainly turned out to be mine, and I wouldn’t change any of it, even if I could,… My mission is to keep on living the dream, encouraging people to fall in love with diving, on magnificent reefs that we all help keep beautiful… I love it and I am livin’ the dream”. says Mark.

Jump on Board with The Dive Bus

Are you ready to not rush around and be away from crowds? Then consider jumping on board with The Dive Bus! Mark, Suzy and their dedicated team of PADI dive professionals are ready and waiting to take you diving in Curaçao!

CLICK HERE to check out their “seriously fun shore diving adventures” plus the amazing Drive and Dive specials!

Dive Travel Curaçao

Dive Travel Curacao | Curacao Dive Vacation Packages
1% of Dive Travel Curaçao’s net annual proceeds are donated to Reef Renewal Curaçao so they can re-invest it in restoring corals for the future of Curaçao
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